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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. snip3r77
    But there’s no single ended ?
  2. alex5908
    Does anybody own E1DA #9038s?
    How does it drain out a battery of a transport?
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  3. megabigeye
    So, I don't wanna be that guy, but according to their own specs, the #9038D draws 5V at 170mA at idle. It'll discharge your phone 85 times faster than you can charge it! It may sound great, but I really don't think it can be considered portable. To be honest, I'm surprised it'll even work with most phones.
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  4. HardstyleLoco96
    Bloody hell, so basically max 2 hrs of listening...... Yeah I don't know about that. But damn it's such a good price. How does an external battery get hooked up to it while connected to a source? I want to use it with my Samsung S9 using poweramp
  5. NotKunvinced
    Unbalanced is single ended.
  6. NotKunvinced
    The #9038S drains the battery of a Samsung Galaxy S8 in about 7-8hrs.
  7. megabigeye
    Is that at idle or with music playing? The S draws 90mA compared to the D's 170mA. I guess we can extrapolate that the #9038D would drain the battery in 3-4 hours?
    Now I'm curious what other DACs like the DFR, etc., draw. If I recall, if I had my Galaxy S9 in airplane mode and was only using it for music, the DFR would deplete the battery an additional 7% to 9% per hour... With regular usage (airplane mode turned off, light use), I think it was more like 12% to 15% per hour. Which is to say, in airplane mode it'd completely drain the battery in a little more than 10 hours, but with regular use it would be closer to 6.5 hours. This was all a while ago, though, so I might be misremembering.
    I'll see if I can find the DFR's current draw so we can compare.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2019
  8. NotKunvinced
    Playing music with phone not in airplane mode. Browsing internet etc. while listening.
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  9. alex5908
    Guys, who shall I believe? 7-8 hours vs draining the battery out 85 times faster than the battery can be charged (or something like it)?
    It's an important question to me. I guess for everybody too.:anguished:
  10. megabigeye
    I haven't heard the E1DA... I'd go with the person that has. :wink:

    I was going by the numbers on the E1DA website. The #9038S has an idle power consumption of 5V at 90mA (450mW); the #9038D is 5V at 170mA (850mW); a standard USB charger is 5V at ~2mA (10mW). Maybe I'm misunderstanding how that all works out mathematically, or maybe their numbers are wrong. I've also seen people complaining about how quickly it drains their phone's battery, so I wrote it off as something I wasn't really interested in. I think there was one DAP that was being drained in under two hours.

    You should probably check out the official E1DA thread, just to make sure.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2019
  11. dcime
    Bye all
  12. alex5908
    I've asked the question there but received no response so far.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
  13. Evoke
    You can join the discord and ask questions over there. Might get a better response
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
  14. megabigeye
    There's a new E1DA thread that was just started this morning and covers all of their DACs, etc., not just the #9038S.
    The first post mentions that the PDV2 drains their Huawei tablet with 5000mAh battery at a rate of 1%/minute. That'd last 1 hour 40 minutes. They point out that a USB Y-splitter and power bank are recommended for mobile use with both the PDV2 and #9038S, though they don't mention how fast the S drains their battery. They also mention that not all phones drain so fast and that some phones will drain even with a power bank attached. So YMMV, and all that.

    Anyway, it'd probably be best to ask there, since they have actual experience with it.

    I'd be very interested if E1DA came out with a lower power version.
  15. Coldheart29
    Uh, normal chargers output 5V and 1 to 2 AMPS (1A to 2A), not milliamps (1mA to 2mA).
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