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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. alex5908
    Hello everybody,
    Yesterday I received Meizu Hifi-Dac (CS43131). There's an issue with it.
    I paired it with transport player Tempotec V1. 5 or 6 times while playing a song the music stops for fractions of milliseconds. I even can't say whether it is stopping or clicks but they exist. I tried to play with different player settings but in vain. I tried the player with Dodocool DAC and everything is fine. No clicks/stopping.
    Any ideas how to fix the clicks/stopping?
    Has anybody come across with dedicated threads to Meizu DAC?
    Dodocool is 1.5 times more powerful than Meizu. The sound quality is way better than that of Dodocool dac, though.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
  2. Leo-rume
    I'm experiencing this exact issue with mine. I've had the dongle for 3 weeks now. I use it with my mobile. I don't get these clicks/stops during calls or general usage (Google play music). But when used through Hibymusic with Exclusive HQ USB Audio Access turned on, the clicks appear almost as frequent as 2-3 times per song (sometimes less sometimes more) which is a bummer because it sounds much better on Hibymusic with that setting on than on regular players. I always thought it was a phone compatability issue but seeing this now, the problem might probably be from the dongle. There's now a pro version with same Amp and Dac chip and more durable cable. It doesn't justify the price difference imo but maybe the issue is fixed.
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  3. alex5908
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
  4. HardstyleLoco96
    So I am curious, what is the best DAC dongle I could get with the best bang for the buck?
  5. dcime
    +Hard What's your price range? what type of device will you be transporting your music from? also when you're considering buying a dac would you like a dac alone or a dac and amp combo?
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
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  6. NotKunvinced
    E1DA #9038s
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  7. HardstyleLoco96
    So I want something extremely portable, and if possible under $220 AUD. I just want it to be able to run iems as I won't be using over ears for portable use. The iems I'd be using are Audiosense T800, they are 9.2 OHMs and have a sensitivity of 90 DB. I'd be using my Samsung Galaxy S9 with poweramp as my device, so a very nice and portable DAC/AMP would do :)
  8. HardstyleLoco96
    I was actually considering this one :). Does it come with all accesories? Such as a type C OTG cable?
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  9. HardstyleLoco96
    What is the difference between the E1DA PowerDAC V2 Vs the E1DA 9038s Gen 2?
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  10. NotKunvinced
    No it only comes with a y-splitter power and OTG cable if you ask for that. But you can get the relevant OTG cables easily enough.
    You can wait until his #9038D comes out soon if you need single ended.
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  11. NotKunvinced
    The Power DAC V2 is bigger, gets hotter and seems to be designed for desktop use.
  12. HardstyleLoco96
    I am in no rush, I see that both use 2.5mm balanced jacks. I don't have balanced cables but am up to grab one if the dacs are truly worth it. I currently use a Tempotec Sonata IDSD Plus as my dac/amp. I love what I hear from it, but I honestly find it a bit clunky taking it around. Do you think the 9038s is the best option?
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  13. NotKunvinced
    The #9038D will have a 3.5mm unbalanced Jack on it so you can use normal headphones/earphones on it.

    Personally, the #9038S is all I need sound-wise. It's very small and doesn't require a degree to set it up!
  14. HardstyleLoco96
    Could you please show me the link to the one you are talking about. I am on AExpress and reading the specs of the Gen 2 it says 2.5mm balanced out. Does it come with an adapter that is 2.5 male to 3.5 female?
  15. NotKunvinced
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