1. Metalomaniac

    For Sale or Trade: Effect Audio Ares II 2-pin to 3.5mm cable

    Selling barely used mint condition Ares II. Ares II boasts a proprietary blend of 26 AWG UPOCC Litz copper with ultra-flexible insulation for maximum signal speed transmission, performance, and ergonomics. Each cable is terminated in an ultra durable 3.5mm, 24k Oyaide gold plated right angle...

    Best way to connect from Dual XLR to 3.5mm TRS (or RCA) ?

    Hey all, long time no see. OK I know what you guys are probably thinking (balanced to unbalanced) but hear me out: I have a Cambridge Audio Azur DACMagic which has two outputs - unbalanced RCA, and balanced dual 3-pin XLR. The RCA is in use, going to my main amp which drives my floorstanders. I...
  3. S

    64 audio Premium IEM cable! 3.5mm/2pin

    black with right angled 3.5mm single ended termination, 2 pin. barely barely used, works great. a nice tight braid! shipping and paypal included, ships out asap! will trade for a decent USB a to b mini(micro) cable or for a usb C to usb b mini cable 80$ total. retails for 130
  4. dosley01

    SOLD: MMCX to 3.5MM Adapters

    Pair of MMCX to 3.5MM Adapters, perfect to use your MMCX cable with HIFIMAN HE4xx or other headphones that have 3.5mm plugs. Bought to use with my HE4xx but decided to sell before they arrived. $10 shipped to you.
  5. Shredicus

    FS: Orange Periapt Pro Cable - 1/4 to dual 3.5mm *SOLD*

    Up for sale I have a low use periapt cable. No issues,less than a year old, mostly sat in a drawer. It's a lovely cable without breaking the bank $40 shipped/paypaled US48 See pictures attached. PM with questions.
  6. Fender AE1i DAC Amplifier for iPhone

    Fender AE1i DAC Amplifier for iPhone

    Fender AE1i DAC Amplifier for iPhone Lightning, connects 3.5mm earphone, going to release in mid Dec 2019 in Hong Kong.
  7. ElecHires

    [Cancel]IER Z1R Cable 3.5mm MMCX

    Hello, i want to sale my IER Z1R officiel cable 3.5mm MMCX never use.
  8. TommyFro

    FOUND: iFi ieMatch 3.5mm

    Looking to pick up a 3.5mm ieMatch, let me know if you have one to sell!
  9. 1974

    WTB: Balanced XLR to 3.5mm cable for modern HiFiMan (HE-6SE, HE-5SE, Ananda, Sundara, Arya)

    Looking to buy a basic 4-pin XLR to dual 3.5mm plug balanced cable, nothing expensive. The 3.5mm plugs fit the HE-6SE, HE-5SE, Ananda, Sundara, and Arya. PM me, thanks!
  10. TooPoorForHiFi


    I'm looking to sell these together, They're made for Balanced 2.5mm Cable to be used on Stardard 3.5mm Port & the other Balanced 4.4mm as you can see. Shipping & Paypal Fees are all included, $40 shipped to your Door :laughing: If you have any Questions feel free to PM me. US Only.
  11. warriorpoet

    [SOLD] Electro Acousti 7N UP-OCC Silver Cable

    Electro Acousti Custom Pure Silver Litz cable- $90 $70 Lightly Used 1.15m Neotech Cryo wire 26AWG 7N UP-OCC Litz compact 3.5mm plug, splitter .78mm 2 pin Shipping is included in asking price within the Continental US. Others, please inquire for accurate shipping cost.
  12. Sound N00b

    Possible to use rca for an amp without a dac?

    I will be buying my first actual amp (a jds labs atom) but need time to save up for a dac, I have a gigabyte GA-Z170M-D3H (I forget which rev, thinking 1.1) motherboard. RCA jacks are a new thing to me so I don't really know how to set them up but I heard they have a better crosstalk performance...
  13. Number9redreD


    PP FEES INCLUDED. Hey everyone, today i have for sale my beloved silverfi cable. In terms of usage, I've only just hit the 250 hour burn in mark. In terms of any damages from use etc, the cable is in absolutely perfect condition, however, due to the nature of this cables sheath, it has the...
  14. azattarj

    Replacement jack for TDK BA200

    Hi guys. I need help to repair jack of my TDK BA200. It is 3mm wide flat cable. I have searched through eBay, but could not find anything good to securely hold it on its base, so I will not have to repair it again in a couple of months. Do anybody know where I can buy a good replacement jack...
  15. pali

    FT: My EA Ares II 2pin 2.5mm to Your EA Ares II MMCX 3.5mm (or other cables)

    Hey headfiers! Trading my Ares II 2pin 2.5mm, which has been barely used because I upgraded my Phantom's cable right after getting it. It's an excellent copper cable, which is why I want an MMCX 3.5mm version for my backup IEMs (Shure SE215). If you have other cables that are MMCX 3.5mm that...
  16. halcyon

    USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

    Now that 3.5mm headphone output is nearing extinction in smartphones, it's time to start compiling the list for the best USB-C to 3.5mm adapter DACs. Many phones don't even offer analog output anymore on their USB-C output , so the only option is to have a dongle/adapter with a built-in DAC...
  17. Sebastian Tombs

    Does anybody have a Fiio L1 30-pins to 3.5mm audio cable?

    Hello all, I am trying hard to locate a Fiio L1 cable, to connect my iPod Classic to an old Fiio E17 portable DAC/amp. It's been discontinued for a long time, the alternatives I found are at least 1m long whereas the original L1 cable is only 10cm. Thank you for any answer!
  18. Hay2104

    FS: Sennheiser Hd 598 (Used) [SOLD]

    Sennheiser Hd 598. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, I simply don’t need it anymore and it wants out of my house. It doesn’t have a headband pad anymore, but the drivers and pads still have life in them. BUT it does come with: - original 1/4 cable for hd 598 - Original short 3m 3.5mm cable. -...
  19. Hay2104

    FREE RCA to 3.5mm cable (just pay shipping)

    Got a nice OFC cable from a friend for a connection between my dap and amp. Unfortunately I don’t use daps anymore so this is just sitting taking up space. Shipping will be $14 within the US.
  20. Hay2104

    Audioquest 3.5mm cable AND free Hd598 cable [SOLD]

    Audioquest Everegreen 3.5mm to 3.5mm. It is 0.6m long and in mint condition. Will ship with a FREE Hd 598 cable stock cable that terminates in 1/4. Shipping to US only. Shipping included in price. PayPal only.
  21. TooPoorForHiFi

    CLOSED (SOLD) FS: Final Silver-Coated Cable MMCX 3.5mm

    MMCX Silver-Coated Cable Cable Information from Final Audio We've used high-precision MMCX connectors from a famous Swiss manufacturer. We've used high-purity OFC silver coated cables that provide a wide sound stage. These jointly-developed cables were originally designed by and are currently...
  22. honeyjjack

    Endgame mini Mini

    Custom interconnects made for me (gave cable maker plugs and cables. WBT silver solder used) The prices seem high but they are cheaper than the price that was put into making them. Prices include shipping to anywhere and paypal fees. From left to right -ALO sxc 19awg 9 wire 250usd These wires...
  23. FrequeAudio

    IEM cable wanted

    Hello, I purchased a custom Noble Audio Katana yesterday and I am looking to upgrade the cable. Specifically, I am looking for a 8 to 12 braid, 3.5 mm, 2-pin IEM cable. Please PM if you have one for sale. Thank you
  24. B

    LG G7's ES9218P DAC noises and clipping

    My LG G7 with QuadDAC turned on is acting really weird... On normal mode everything is alright, but with QuadDAC it distorts too much at maximum volume (sounds like severe bass clipping)... And also, normal mode does not make hissing noises while rotating the plug and QuadDAC does, and it does...
  25. A

    question on two repairs. Internal wire and female 3.5mm socket

    my first question is 1) where can i find 1mm 2 core wire to use in the internal headband of the headphones? I was able to find some on ebay that were meant for beats solo but that runs for $6-$8 for about 2 feet of wire which i think is a bit over priced. So I was hoping to find a cheaper...