1. A

    Hi-Res Smartphone vs. ultra-portable Hi-Res DAC

    Dear all, I have to change my very old Android phone. So far I listen my music on a FiiO M9 or use a DAC Fiio E18 with my phone which it is quite heavy. I need to precise that I have a limited budget for my phone (max 400€) searching for the lightest Android phone with the lowest DAS. So, if I...

    Khadas Tea - World's First MagSafe Headphone Amplifier for Smartphones

    Dear Community! It is with great joy and anticipation that we announce the upcoming launch of our latest hi-fi audio product the ‘Tea’, an ultra-slim high-resolution headphone amplifier for smartphones. This portable amplifier features the high-performance ESS ES9281AC Pro DAC, as well as LDAC...
  3. J

    Dac from android smartphone to active speakers.

    Hi everyone, I am new in the world of audio and I've just bought an Edifier S1000DB active speaker. I'd like to reproduce the FLAC files from an android phone without losing quality, so I've thought about purchasing an external DAC to replace the one from the phone. Does a DAC produce a...
  4. L

    newbie needs help understanding DAC/Amp + recommendations

    Hi newbie here. I recently decided to join the audiophile community ( and possible slippery slope) and upgraded from a KZ AS10 to an UE-11 pro. Upon purchase + impressions, the store i got from and a few customers there kept on recommending to get a DAC/AMP although i usually listen through a...
  5. halcyon

    USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

    Now that 3.5mm headphone output is nearing extinction in smartphones, it's time to start compiling the list for the best USB-C to 3.5mm adapter DACs. Many phones don't even offer analog output anymore on their USB-C output , so the only option is to have a dongle/adapter with a built-in DAC...
  6. F

    LG G7 ThinQ for TinAudio T2 earphones - does it make sense?

    Ok first of all I know an absolute screwall about the whole audio equipment thing so sorry if I'll sound ignorant. Anyway. I'm kinda inclined on buying the phone LG G7 Thinq. I like to listen to music a lot and I've heard some hype about its 'Quad DAC' or whatever, saying it sounds better than...
  7. Ahddub8888

    Good headphones for smartphones

    Simply put, I want good headphones $150 or less. Over ear. And they'll be driven by my Samsung Note 9. No amp or DAC. Only used for maybe 30 minutes or so at a time on lunch breaks at work. It's a bonus if they're also good for at home on my PC (that has no sound card). So I need Low impedance...
  8. musicalychallenged

    Help with choosing

    Hello Everyone today my family had a discussion about the cellphones we have and when we are going to go and get new ones. I personally like the Iphone 6 when i got it a couple of years back, but to this day my new Samsung galaxy s7 edge is just absolute garbage most of the times, and it has a...
  9. R

    A smartphone with low noise floor?

    I'm looking for a new phone that would, hopefully, pair well with my Shure SE535s. To me that means no audible hiss first, low distortion second, and detail, soundstage, etc. third. Needless to say, the one thing that gets most on my nerves is the hissing. I know the bar is high, because these...
  10. H

    USB type C vs. 3.5mm jack

    Since most new Smartphone manufacturers ditch the 3.5mm jack, i am curious, if headphones who connect via the type c port would have the same sound quality?
  11. H

    Poll: Best Audiophile Smartphone 2018 (including non released)

    Which one of these phones is/will be the best Audiophile Smartphone in 2018. What do you guys think? Only phones, that are known for their superb audio quality were chosen. Samsung and Iphones and Razer phone are not included, because they are too expensive.
  12. dodap

    Cheap Smartphone as USB Transport for dedicated DAC/Amp

    Coming from a smallish FIIO X1 I want a bigger display for cover art delight (and Adroid apps). In the dedicated DAP world there seem only to be the Pioneer XDP-300R and its twin brother from Onkyo the DP-X1(A) (If I want to stay sub $500). Then I thought to use a bona fide Android device a...
  13. MajesticTwelve

    Sony Xperia XZ2/XZ2 Compact audio quality

    There are first reviews of the upcoming Sony Xperia XZ2. included audio impressions in their test: source
  14. Eargasmman

    Ipod Classic vs Smartphone

    I just bought a pair of ath m40x's and I own an ipod classic 5th gen. 30gb and an LG X Charge. My question is this:should I expand the storage space on my LG X Charge to roughly 72gb and sell my ipod? Or buy a new charger (since my old one is broken) and just stick with my ipod as my main...
  15. JuSOCOM

    Qualcomm AQSTIC vs Dedicated DAC in mobile phone?

    Can Integrated DAC like Qualcomm AQSTIC will compensate Dedicated DAC in mobile phone?
  16. ZZCh

    Can Android phone be charged while using external DAC (e.g. OPPO HA-2 SE)?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to Head-Fi and I'm so excited to be a part of this community! I hope any more "established" members will help me get "up to speed" on anything I might benefit from knowing. So as for my question: I'm using an Android phone (Note 8) with a USB-C output going into the USB...
  17. X

    CIEMs and my smartphone (and maybe an amp/DAC)

    Hello! I'm feeling frustrated with my audio setup, and hoping someone can help. I have a pair of Noble K10 CIEMs which I am using on my smartphone (OnePlus X). I also have an Oppo HA-2 amp/DAC which I sometimes add to the mix. Unfortunately, neither setup is satisfactory. If I don't use the...
  18. nhftk4320

    USB to MicroUSB adapter for my dac

    I recently bought the audioquest dragonfly black DAC which connects via USB 2. The product is compatible with android with a proper adapter and my connection is MicroUSB B. Since I bought this fairly expensive DAC, connected to my fairly expensive Shure SE425 earphones, i don't want a 0.2$...
  19. Occy

    Sony Xperia™ XZ Premium

    Specifications Memory and storage 4GB RAM 64GB (Single SIM)/64GB (Dual SIM) UFS internal memory1 microSDXC support (up to 256GB) SIM capability Single SIM Dual SIM Nano SIM Operating System Google Android™ 7.1 (Nougat) Processor (CPU) Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 processor Battery 3230mAh...