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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. senegalas
    9038S is damn tempting but I wouldn't be able to use with a phone which sucks because it would just eat all power. I just wish I would know if dc01 is enough to drive m1060c to its full potential
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
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  2. senegalas
    Tbh **** it I am getting 9038S. It measures so well and does 500mw. It is def gonna be bwttwr sounding
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  3. terrav
    Can anyone compare the DC01 with Dragonfly Black?
  4. halcyon
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  5. senegalas
    I actually ordered powerdac v2. So it is gonna be pretty interesting
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  6. Markez452
    Hello there! I came around this post looking for information for the new ibasso DC02. Right now I'm using a Shanling M0 as external DAC for my phone (OnePlus 7 pro) and it is ok but it really drains my battery fast and is little uncomfortable to carry around.

    With the Shanling I have the option of Bluetooth connection and that but I never use wireless headphones so I never use that feature and also I stream most of my music (Qobuz) so I don't use it as a DAP either. So comparing them just as a DAC which would you say is better. Thank you all by the way.

    P.S. I'll probably end up buying it and compared it myself but it would be nice to have some insight from external persons.
  7. nihontoman
    Hello there,

    First post in this thread. I've been looking for a good usb DAC "dongle" for use with my phone and pc. After much snooping around, I became an owner of this baby: https://www.dodocool.com/p-da134gy.html

    it is the cheapest dac that I'm aware of that has a real DAC chip, namely AKM AK4430ET which I guess also has a pretty good integrated amplifier in it, cause the sound REALLY became louder compared to my NOTE 8 output.

    Here are my impressions after using it for about a day:
    1) It sounds like trash if u use it with google play music or any other ordinary music app. don't know what the exact reason is, but I think these music apps don't utilize the hardware of this dongle and use it just as a audio throughput. In this configuration, the volume is the same as the phones Headphone out and is a little muddier compared to it.
    2) It sounds much better than my DX50 with all the headphones I have (hd598, hisoundaudio BA100, KZ ZS5 V1, Sony XB90EX, QianYun Qian69 and others), not to mention my Note 8 connected to note 8 and using the hiby app with "exclusive HQ USB Audio Access" turned on, which I guess allows the hardware inside to be used for decoding audio.
    3) Sound in proper configuration can be described as: powerful, revealing and clean. for example, everything struggled to properly drive my Single BA BA100 phones (I know, right?) making it sound kinda muffled and very veiled and dark. DX50 did it, note 8 did it - even using the "adapt sound" feature configured specifically to my hearing. what was the exact reason I don't really know, but only thing that made these sound clear is my Thinkpad T460s laptop (and all of my other gear, except for qian 69, sounds like crap with this laptop. go figure). of course it wasn't as revealing and/or powerful as with this little dongle thingy, but at least it didn't sound like I had my grandmas welcome rag stuffed in my ear canals. With this dongle, the sound goes on another level altogether. much better extension and power to both ends of spectrum and better detalisation in all of the frequency range (base isn't boomy, but better and more "musical)

    the best part is, it doesn't eat that much battery on my phone and it can also be used with pc with a special adapter (male usb a/female usb c). oh, and it costs like 12$.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
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  8. alex5908
    I have it too but Fiio BTR3 sounds way (much) better. It's six times more expensive, though. The autonomy of those two is more or less alike.
  9. nihontoman
    which version do you have? the Type C one? or the one with the lightning adapter?

    also, what app did you use it with? I see lot's of difference between hiby and play music for example.
  10. alex5908
    It has type C outlet. I am expecting an audio cable to use it with BTR3 and a transport player. For the moment type C is used for BTR3 charging.
    I use bluetooth connection thus any progg/software player will do.
  11. nihontoman
    No, I meant the Dodocool dongle - what did u use it with? for me, using it with google play music makes it sound a little muddy with no improvement in sound quality and no volume boost. using it with hiby while giving it a control over the usb dac, the sound becomes quite a bit louder and at the same volume, it is much more clear than what the standrad headphone out can do. also, the base region becomes more articulate.
  12. alex5908
    I use it (Dodocool dongle) with transport player Tempotech V1. I like the sound it makes. Nothing extraordinary but good enough for out-of-doors condition.
    BTW, the dongle sound is better than BTR3 paired with V1 by BT LDAC. IMO. The sound is less muddy, more "air" and better instrument separation.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
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  13. alex5908
    What is the combination of buttons for the hard reset of the player?
  14. Glens
    My sonata hd broke after like one month. I'd like to get the new ibasso but is there any way to ensure that it'd last for like maybe one year? Maybe a cable protector or something?
  15. jasonb
    How does the ibasso dc02 do?
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