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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. Devodonaldson
    Razer dongle is meh. Dragonfly red doesn't eat a lot of battery, but costs a whole lot more
  2. capitanharlock
    I finally found a way to use my Meridian Explorer with the usb c interface of my Galaxy note 10.
    Using the HiByMusic app It correctly detects the Meridian Explorer, has many volume steps, and it even manages hires files, see the three leds showing a 192khz file.
    The sound with a Grado Ps500e is great.
    We’ll see about battery consumption.
    Ps: Using most of android music player, the sound level is sooo low, maybe they don’t correctly interface with the Meridian.

  3. snip3r77
    How is the battery drain?
  4. alex5908
    Guys, am I right thinking that balanced (2.5mm) output "eats up" more of battery capacity compared with unbalanced (3.5mm) one?
  5. PixelSquish
    9-10% an hour playing Hi-Fi level tracks on tidal with the phone on airplane mode and screen off.
  6. jasonb
    I've just gone completely Bluetooth with everything instead of the dongles. I've got Galaxy Buds, an M50x with a FiiO BTA10 Bluetooth adapter, and a Q701 with an ES100 velcroed to it.
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  7. staticV3
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  8. HardstyleLoco96
    Anyone tried the Xduoo Link yet?
  9. mingkee27
    I have Apple USB C headphones adapter and the volume is much lower than others.
    Is there any method to change it?
  10. staticV3
    I just got a reply from the UAPP devs regarding the Meizu DAC. The fault lies within the DAC itself and they don't think a fix is possible in the future. HOWEVER, by enabling Upsample in the USB audio settings (not tweaks) and disabling bit perfect, the issue is gone.
  11. CANiSLAYu
  12. AdmiralTeddy
    I have a question, might sound very dumb, so please excuse me!

    I got a pair of Kanas Pros, I'm trying to choose between the google dongle, dc01 and the dc02, to drive music from my oneplus 7 pro (using googleplay music)

    The ibassos are both priced the same, so what I want to know is, would it be worth it for me to get a balanced 2.5mm cable and go for the dc01 instead of the dc02? (I was told less battery drain + better sound)
    And if that is the case... do I need a specific type of balanced cable? (I keep hearing you need like a TRRRS one?)

    or should I just go for the google dongle?... :D

    Would really appreciate any advice.
  13. Devodonaldson
    For pure audio quality, Google dongle is trash. DC01 has better DAC. yes, you need a 2.5mm balanced audio cable for your iems. I don't know if they are 2pin or mmcx, but you red to get a corresponding cable
  14. superuser1
    KPE is 2 pin.. and think he should get a balanced able and the DC01. I use the KXXS with the DC01 and its pretty great!
  15. AdmiralTeddy
    Cheers for the answers fellas! It is indeed a 2pin. What I am unsure about is if any balanced cable with 2 pin would work with the dc01 or if it needs to be "4/6/8 etc core".

    May I also ask what cable you are using @superuser1 ? :)

    Update: I found a dc02 for cheap locally so gonna give that a shot first. Might grab the dc01 if I find one locally later. Thanks for the advice though.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
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