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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. DJScope
    As they say No Arty; no party".
    But saying that, Arty is brilliant at doing remixes, but he is absolutely crap at DJing and producing.
    OK, I've actually been listening to his album all morning, and I am actually loving it! It's not his usual stuff and some of it sounds too "new age Dash Berlin", but most of it is actually pretty good in terms of music. I think he was going for the "love of music" sorta feel instead of what everyone was expecting of him. I would actually put this album up there with Daft Punk's RAM in terms of overall performance and song production.
  2. vl1990

    Recently rediscovered Ayla again after Aly & Fila played this at FSOE 400 in Melbourne.

    After attending countless events, that was the first time I'd heard an Ayla track, live, ever.
    Ayla - Nirwana is probably my favourite trance album even after about 10 years!
  3. DJScope

    Oh shiiiiii!!! I remember this song. Now that brings me back to the good old says!!!
  4. gikigill
    My favorite is the 9 minute long Taucher remix from the Nirwana Album.
  5. Hapster
    AVB's "Embrace" just came out today, as well as another surprise.

    BT's Electronic Opus http://electronicopus.com/ is out now in 24bit/96khz. Turns out BT is an audiophile too.

  6. DJScope
    I can't want for this!!!!

  7. DJScope
    A high school friend of mine just released his first EP. Check it out!
  8. DJScope
    Just got the ASOT 2105 year mix. Will give my impressions ones I'm finished with it.
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  9. Hapster
    Good to hear, I did as well, despite nearly EVERY song being a radio edit.
    The intro was hilarious though,

    I also picked up a new album by Conjure One.


    Not sure what to call the Genre, but it's really nice and has A LOT of bass.

    And of course, Anjunabeats Vol. 12
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  10. Edric Li
    Yearmix 2015? That's a NEEEED
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  11. DJScope
    Been a bit slack lately, need to pick up more albums.
    I didn't give my opinion on ASOT Year Mix 2015 because it was pretty mediocre at best, though better than last years. I guess I'm expecting too much. [​IMG]
  12. legcramp
    Year Mix 2004 <3
    That said, got my tickets to A&B Acoustic II 
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  13. DJScope

    Lucky bastard! I'd love to go see Accoustic live at the Sydney Opera House.

    2004 was an excellent year for trance. Trance Energy 2004 is still my favourite trance compilation of all time.
  14. willowbrook
    Just found out about this thread after being immersed in trance music, specifically progressive, uplifting vocal trance. I've acquired "Vocal Trance Hits (2014,2015,2015-03 etc.)" series along with 2014 ASOT year mix from Armada Music and loving it so far. Also loving the Woman Trance Voices released by Open Gate Records. I think it features a nice compilation of my taste although most of the tracks are original mixes and I find the beginning beats boring to listen to. Now it's time to go specific with artists of my taste and I've found Above&Beyond, Aurosonic, Craig Connelly, and Shogun to be enjoyable. Are there any other artists that you guys would recommend for genre of progressive, melodic, uplifting vocal trance? Thanks.
  15. legcramp
    Try Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Super8 & Tab, Aly & Fila, Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone, Sunlounger, Markus Schulz, Tritonal, ATB, Cosmic Gate, LTN, Oceanlab (above beyond), Paul van Dyk,  ... etc etc 
    Have fun! XD
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