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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. fabian005
    I have found myself gravitating towards this zone of electronic now as well. Very good stuff in many respects.
  2. Hapster
    Couple Deep House albums I enjoyed:

    Lane 8 - "Rise"

    Moonbeam - "Atom"

    Dusky - "Stick by This"

    In Other News...
    Armin Van Buuren's 6th Album is coming out on October 29th
    Love him or hate him, this new album will ultimately show us what direction ASOT is heading in.
    Also, I was looking up the Single "Made of Sun" by Kyau and Albert and I discovered they actually have an album I've never even seen before.
    Kyau & Albert - "Here We Are Now"
  3. fabian005
    I've listened to both the Lane 8 and Atom albums. They are both quite chill and great! Atom is a bit more trance but not completely. How is the Dusky album?
  4. Hapster

    Some nice vocals, good overall album, favorite song is "stick by this".
  5. vl1990
    Check out anjunadeep artists such as Lane 8 and Grum.I haven't actually listened to much of their stuff but my friends went to above and beyond group therapy recently and said both their sets were awesome :) oh just realised someone already suggested lane 8!
  6. Libertad
    Airwave Saddness in black and white

  7. DJScope

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  8. Mtlhd
    Hey everyone,  just joined headfi officially & lots of thanks to everyone who posts music here, its awesome to find new tracks.
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  9. DJScope
    Good to have new blood in the thread! Maybe you'd like to contribute something special? [​IMG]
  10. fabian005
    Can everyone compile a list of their favorite albums to listen to? Just out of curiosity I want to see how similar our tastes are in regards to Trance. I have a couple in mind but I'll be referencing my library for a more complete answer. I also think it'll help bring some more life to the thread again. I think 5 albums would be good.

    I know from my own experience that there are albums that just make you tingle when you hear them again and that they just don't grow old.
  11. Mtlhd
    not sure about special...I haven't read all the comments yet but my favorites run the lines of NItrous Oxide, Super8&tab, Cosmic Gate, Mat Zo, Above & Beyond, Ajuna Deep, Faithless, Ferry Corsten, Simon Patterson, psytrance, Armin VB, MaRLo....  liked the Moonbeam "Atom" as recommended previously here too.
    try to listen to Simon Patterson's show weekly along with Above&Beyond, ASOT where I can. like to listen to rawfm.com.au 
    forgive me if these have been mentioned before...
  12. DJScope
    No need for apologies, mate. Where in Australia are you from? 
    PS. Are you on TMAS?
  13. Mtlhd
    I am on the mid-north coast, Port Macquarie.  Might sound strange but pls confirm TMAS?
  14. waynes world
    I really enjoy Darin Epsilon's "Perspectives Radio" mixes:
  15. Hapster
    One of the most anticipated albums of 2 years ago just came out.

    Arty's debut Album "Glorious"


    I don't think I could've been less impressed.
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