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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. willowbrook
    Thanks a bunch, it's going to take some time to go through all ^^
  2. DJScope
    If you can get your hands on it, Trance Energy 2004 is still one of my favourite compilations to this day. Lots of good female vocals.
  3. willowbrook
    That is going to be pretty hard to get my hands on. However, I will look for it. Thanks!
  4. willowbrook
    Andy Duguid is another great artist for melodic vocal trance, and I'm loving Cosmic Gate & Gareth Emery. Not all trance, but I can live with progressive house.
  5. EISENbricher
    Anyone here listens to Moonbeam? They are my absolute favorite!! 

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  6. Hapster
    Absolutely, plenty of Moonbeam fans, they've made some of my all-time favorite songs.

    Like "Look Around" & "Flight"
  7. EISENbricher
    Wow!! Good to know : D 
    They make some real music 
  8. lordthienimba
    Hard to go wrong with Aly & Fila but here are a few names that really standout: Soundlift, Ori Uplift, ReOrder, Standerwick, Skypatrol (ReOrder and Standerwick), some of Bryan Kearney tracks cause he makes a wide range of trance music from Tech, Psy to Uplift, Will Atkinson, Orkidea, A.R.D.I, old Dash Berlin, old Armin van Buuren, Delirium, Driftmoon, old Airbase, Alex M.O.R.P.H, John O'Callaghan, Craig Connelly, Solarstone (pure Trance), Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sied van Riel, Gouryella, Adam Ellis, Bjorn Akesson, Jorn van Deynhoven, Easton, Andy Blueman, Farhad Mahdavi, Protoculture, Ahmed Rommel, Rank 1, Gaia (Armin van Buuren and Rank 1's Benno de Goeji), Rising Star (Armin van Buuren's alias), old Alexander Popov, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Tayle, Philippe El Sisi, DJ Shah (AKA Roger Shah, Sunlounger), Arctic Moon, Arctic Quest, Offshore Wind, Roman Messer, Photographer, Andy Moor, Bobina, Simon O'Shine, Myon & Shane 54, RAM, and many many more. After go through all these artists, you're more than ready to dig deeper into the scene.
  9. willowbrook
    That is a lot of artists...:)
  10. lordthienimba
    Yeah I've been into for more than a decade. It was very different back then. All the tracks that were popular back in the day are now listed as classic. How time flies... Now I'm more into Psy and Tech Trance, no more Mr. Uplifting but I'm still listening to it daily and keep discovering gems and new talents around the world, that's what i love most about Trance music
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  11. EISENbricher
    Awesome... So many artists! Good to know that you've followed your favorite genre for so long and kept discovering. I'm yet to venture that deep into any specific genre but my interests keep deviating and I keep on searching for new genres. That has made my library spanning through huge number of genres but less number/artists per genre. 
  12. Music Path
    For Uplifting Trance follow: 

    -Youtube channel Paradise
    -FSOE from Aly&Fila
    -Anjunabeats ( the older compilations are better) 
    - And there are some channels less famous ones who have good uplifting trance, the best is follow the artist on soundcloud when finding them.

    Ex: Mark Andrez & Den Rize
         Aly & Fila
         Daniel Kandi 
         Temple One ( very good and consistent)
         Artic Moon
         Alex MORPH
         A & Z
         Trillseekers (more recently)
         Adam Nickey
         Simon Patterson
         Nitrous Oxide
         Dan Stone
         John o´ Callhagan
         Super 8 & Tab
         Audien (older tracks)
      etc. and several more... just go Above and Beyond hehe
    It´s good to have Trance Topics here ! 
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  13. Music Path
    Yeah Uplifting trance was stronger in 2008-2010 and general trance ( classic trance) in the late 90´s and initial 00´s. 

    I was to a quite heave trance listener besides house, but more and more went to house. And by house not big room, more like deep house, classic house, soulfull etc. 
  14. willowbrook
    Too bad SoundCloud supports up to 128kbps...one thing that keeps a lot of people away.
  15. Music Path

    True, but you can stay updated with the new tracks at least.
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