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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. dannyd123
    Im really getting to Uplifting trance lately, any songs i should listen too? also whats your favorite trance song?
  2. dunpeal
    Anjunabeats series by above & beyond, nightmusic series by the Thrillseekers, Magik 1-6 by tiesto
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  3. Sniperbombers

  4. MorbidToaster
    Almost anything Above & Beyond does. OceanLab is a good pick, too.
    Some of BT's songs from These Hopeful Machines are good pick like 'A Million Stars' and 'The Light in Things'.
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  5. Sniperbombers
    since im a huge fan on trance based songs i really do want to keep this post up. sooo heres one of the better classics

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  6. pyramid6
    Can't go wrong with Above & Beyond, esp. "Anjunabeats" volumes .  I'm also fond of "In Search of Sunrise" volumes.
  7. dannyd123

  8. dannyd123
    anyone know this amazing song?
  9. Sniperbombers
    omg the Dj Phalanx mix is just awesome! i wish there was a track list of some sort.

  10. dannyd123
  11. dannyd123
    for the tracklist.. its trance arts - dark knights(tba)
    ahmed romel - city of life (original mix)
    estigma - illusion (orginal mix)
  12. Sniperbombers
    wow thanks, much appreciated!

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  13. dannyd123
    beat service is awesome, the track 'when tomorrow never comes' is probably my fave
  14. Sniperbombers
     new session !

    also i've honestly never heard this song before and i quite like it! 
  15. Headzone
    Is deadmau5 considered as trance? "I remember" is one my fav songs from him, secondly comes probably his new song "The Veldt":

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