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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. Libertad

    best uplifting psytrance mix ive ever heard some of it is uplifting trance but mostly upbeat progressive psytrance amazing stuff
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  2. DJScope
    Psytrance is amazing!
    I've recently been having a Psymbient phase. Some really awesome stuff out their!
  3. Libertad
    been using that website for years amazing content and they have FLAC downloads as well
  4. DJScope
    One of my favourite sites!
  5. waynes world
    Yup, I've found some stellar and amazing albums there. We should do some "best of ektoplazm" posts/threads since it can be a bit much sifting through all of them.
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  6. waynes world
    Btw, that's great stuff. As well as his other mixes. Thanks for posting.
  7. DJScope
    Most definitely!
  8. Libertad
    Well lets kick off some ektoplazm content gems by listing some on my favorite track from some amazing artest ive found there

    deffinetly not what i would call uplifting but more like progressive dark trance but amazing in quality and production

    one of my favs from Kino oko Skillfully oratory

    Hidden gem from chronos one of the most uplifting examples of progressive psytrance done right

    Absolutly goosebumb inducing atmosphere and rythem D.M.T. Between Mind

    Beautiful track with a groovy bassline that you can just shut your eyes and jamout to Point CD wave form Drive the Night
    and all of this is just getting started but i dont want to flood this thread the post is running long already but i implore others to check it out lots of hidden gems
  9. waynes world
    Awesome! I can't wait to listen to those ones!
    Here's a few favourites of my own:
    That's it for now!
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  10. DJScope

  11. kh600rr
    Great one!!
  12. Mr Makarov
    Some very very good melodic trance tunes: (enjoy)!

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  13. DJScope
    Orjan Nilson - Guitara [​IMG] So good!
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  14. fabian005
    I forgot who put ektoplasm.com as a suggested album to download but thank you for the wonderful site!
    Ender emergence in bass music tab has great bass and overall not too drab
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  15. waynes world
    I've been enjoying this one lately...
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