Uplifting Trance reccomendations
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  I've been enjoying this one lately...


favorite track for me is endless moments by far so immersive 
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Hey, I promised I'd post some more albums eventually, and I've been busy, but there's always time for discovering new albums, so here's a few you might want to look for if you find that your tastes are at least a little bit similar to mine. [These aren't exactly NEW albums, but they're the most recent ones I've purchased] {Also, this list doesn't include any EPs, because, well there's too many of them, the only exception is "Do Androids Dream", and that's because I felt it was long enough of an album to list here}.

Algae Bloom - The Blossom (2013) [Free Album {Link}]

Andrew Bayer - Do Androids Dream (2015) [Of electric sheep?]

Armin Van Buuren - A State of Trance 2015  (2015) [A state of radio Edits 2015]

ATB - Trilogy (2007)

ATB - No Silence  (2004) [It's amazing how long this guy has been producing such well-made music]

Bobina - #Uplifting (2015) [That is one wacky looking album cover]

Julie Thompson - Feeling for Corners (2009) [You might remember this vocalist from the song "My Enemy"]

Julie Thompson - Eye of the Storm (2015) [Nomination for weirdest album cover?]

Moonbeam - Atom (2015)

Orkidea - 20 (2011) [From Solarstone's Pure Trance Label]

Pantha Du Prince - Black Noise (2010) [Ambient]

Progression - Different Day, Different Light (2007)

Richard Durand - Always the Sun (2009)

Richard Durand - Wide Awake (2011)

Richard Durand - Richard Durand Vs The World (2012)

Solarstone - RainStarsEternal (2008) [I actually got this album awhile ago, I somehow forgot to actually put it in my library]

Tenishia - Memory of a Dream (2012)

Tycho - Dive (2011)

16 Bit Lolitas - Supermarkt (2012)
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You motivated me to post some of my current listenings of late. Here are some lovely albums.

Stoneface and Terminal - Be Different (Really love this one. Listening to it as I type this.)

Thomas Datt - Inside The Glacier. (Chill sound)

Vincenzo - Vanishing Point (Deep House sound. Both this one and the next. Very chill)

Vacationer - Relief

Ender - Emergence (Very Bassy but in a gratifying way. Free music from Ektoplasm)

Andrew Rayel - Find Your Harmony (Another beautiful album)

Heatbeat - Global Monster

Majera - Tomorrow Never Was (Many great tracks here)
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It's been a while! I hope you're all good! 

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Enjoy (vocal melodic trance and some uplifting)- some of my personal favorites:   

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