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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. fabian005
    @Hapster Out of those that you posted above I most enjoyed the Tube & Berger Album as well as the Impressionism ones. Chicane well I will stick to listening to their older stuff. It remains much more my cup of tea.
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  2. Hapster
    Great to hear that you enjoyed those two at least.
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  3. Hapster
    Distant Lights by Kyau & Albert is out now.
    It's really a huge stretch calling them trance anymore, but so far it's still a very pleasant album to listen to, they sort of keep their unique sound and adding some new stuff, new vocals, and avoiding the whole dance/big room sound.
  4. EISENbricher
    Wow... glad that I found this thread. I am great lover or Trance actually... this genre is so calm, smooth and deep. This is my preferred genre to listen to whenever I am in a long travel, or before going to sleep.
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  5. DJScope
    Welcome to the family!
    Do you have any favourite tracks?
  6. EISENbricher
    Thanks for the welcome! I got into Trance after listening to the trance music produced by Japanese producers, voiced by Vocaloids. Most of my trance tracks consist of these kind, I assume many people are unaware of this specific sub-genre. I'll post a few tracks that I love when I reach my home at evening.
    From the other parts of the world I've listened to ATB, whose music I am quite fond of.
  7. Hapster
    This is the closest thing I'd listen to to Japanese Trance (and I mean closest) There's something about their vocals/style I really just can't stand.

    Remember BT's "City Life"? I know the Singer was Korean, but honestly I still couldn't stand the vocals or the style.
  8. EISENbricher
    This is a cool track, thanks for sharing. 
    I used to dislike Korean and Japanese as well, but eventually got into it. Actually in trance genre IMO music plays more part than vocals/lyrics. Alternatively I'd phrase this as vocals is just another instrument in Trance, unlike most of the other genres.
    Some examples, 
  9. Hapster
    Might have to post some more albums here soon, finding a lot of interesting stuff as of late.
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  10. waynes world
    Tease! [​IMG]
  11. vl1990
    Hey guys, my 2nd or 3rd post this will be. Not sure if anyone likes psy trance here.. But I don't either, exception to Neelix. 
    I'm not sure if I link something from soundcloud or the rules of it but yeah here is a link :)
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  12. fabian005
    I enjoy Psy-trance. Yahel in particular. Has anyone heard of Stoneface and Temple? Thomas Datt?
  13. vl1990

    Ohh Yahel! I've got one of his albums (had 5 tracks and one was like eat your brain out?)

    For uplifting check out Aly & Fila and Ferry Tayle! Saw a&f earlier in the year and ferry tayle last year. Would rate them both!
  14. vl1990
    I saw RAMsterdam posted here earlier. Please check out RAMrelia and read about the story :) Some nice trance vocals with 138 :)
  15. Mr Makarov
    Some great uplifting tunes (personally I think really good uplifting trance tracks are rare and vocal-uplifting are even more scarce): 

    Vocal uplifting trance (love those tracks): 
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