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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. legcramp
  2. AeroSatan
  3. Hapster

  4. willowbrook
    I found that top 100 tracks and 100 releases section for the trance genre on beatport is a good chart for the latest popular uplifting, melodic trance. Price is expensive though IMO. I found most of the tracks on top 100 tracks chart were very good, mixed with vocal trance, remixes, and melodic/uplifting trance. The best part is that it plays the highlight of the tracks like a preview, so you don't have to listen through non-melodic intro or skip into it yourself.
  5. AeroSatan

    Some uplifting Trance
  6. Pedro Oliveira

    Enjoy.... :wink:
  7. DJScope
    Here a very nice prog remix of ATB's Ecstasy: https://soundcloud.com/mortengranau/atb-ecstasy-morten-granau-remix
  8. Libertad

    amazing trance track that lifts you such a great track!
  9. DJScope
    Hey guys!
    I've been completely absent from HF for a while now due to chronic migraines which are still being extremely problematic and has lead me to stop using headphones/IEMs. However, I still manage to listen to a few tracks here and there using my speakers. So I wanted to share amazing set by the Thrillseakers.

  10. Libertad
    Found out about this gem from listening to global trance grove mixes by John 00 Fleming 
    Artist Satinka Track Kweo Kachina  ENJOY!

  11. Libertad
    Another great track i found on his mix was this little wonder right here its got some damn good rhythm 
    This is a remix done by  Gai Barone's Smilodontic the original is by Art Of Trance the Track Octopus ENJOY!
  12. Libertad
    New single from infected mushrooms upcoming project its a treat for your ears

  13. Libertad
    For those folks that remember the old school sounds of ticon from the early 2000s they just dropped a new studio album mirage enjoy it will be availible i think oct 28th

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  14. makk12
    My most favorite uplifting track that no one will ever beat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QqiQ4bgFBk
    make place for your new overlord, ODA hiro.
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  15. Libertad
    Super groovy remix of Max Graham's Airtight done by Mark Zuberstein

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