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Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More

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  1. Cotnijoe
    The whole concept of the Dual-Tone cable is to provide a high quality cable that covers the needs of those that prefer the 2 more common cable materials. The ideal situation is that the user will be satisfied with the sound as well as the comfort of the cable (we spent a lot of time making a cable with almost zero memory and is comfortable). Of course, that's the ideal situation and we recognize that there will be those out there that prefer a different material or maker of choice.

    Hopefully, there will be cable makers that will be able to provide cabling services for our connector and pin configuration in the future. We were also given a few suggestions that we're still looking at the possibility of exploring - nothing's set in stone at this time though. There have been suggestions of perhaps creating an adaptor, or to further develop our idea of the Dual-Tone cable and create cables with more materials in mind. For the adaptor, the question of bulk and comfort would be a big issue to overcome. Both ideas, especially the latter, would also take a good bit of investment and time to accomplish.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
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  2. ebjarrell
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your products.
  3. musicday
    Thank you for doing this. Someone will be happy for sure. Best wishes with your future products.
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  4. SeeSax
    Extremely helpful and I greatly appreciate your response.

    FOMO is strong these days. Time to save a few more bucks. Argh, this reminds me of standing in line for an iPhone 8 on launch day, only to realize in the back of my mind that I'll want the X in two months :)

  5. Dobrescu George
    This seems quite lovely actually :darthsmile:

    I mean, I tend to prefer silver cables when I test them, but I think that having the option can be really nice, especially if it is included in the package.

    That construction will also mean that the whole cable is more robus and less prone to issues, so I'm happy that Unique Melody thought this through :smile_phones:
  6. Cotnijoe
    Haha well I'm certainly not here to encourage any ... ... ... irresponsible activities... :thinking:
  7. jinxy245

    ...or discourage....
  8. Sound Eq
    This is such great news, I was always curious about UM iems, but never had a chance to try them.
    I am really hoping that I can get my hands on any of their products, to know about the house sound signature of UM
  9. BrianLHR
    I dont think UM has a house sound though, they offer a variety of them! if anything they seem to focus more on a natural/neutral sound for their higher end ones
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  10. Dobrescu George
    Going with other reviews and my personal experience with UM Martians, where they are tight and detailed, with a nice treble extension and an enhanced treble, I tend to agree with you, UM seems to make a IEM for everybody, covering a wide range of tastes.
  11. CoiL
    Wanted to take part in survey... but... I have no facebook (and I will NOT)... how can I take part of this? Alternatives? I really don`t like when everything is done only one way.
  12. Pings
    Thanks for the chance.
  13. soundblast75
    The big question for me is if the DualTone cable is balanced as well and when is an adaptor gonna be available for 2.5..
  14. Mimouille
    Review coming soon
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  15. soundblast75
    Only 4.4?
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