1. Unique Melody 3DD-Ti

    Unique Melody 3DD-Ti

    At last, the 3DD makes its triumphant return! So what you will about the pros and cons of dynamic drivers, but there's just the special something about it that always brings music lovers back to it. With the all new 3DD-Ti, UM bring you the beauty of dynamic driver technologies in spades! The...
  2. Cotnijoe

    Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More

    UPDATES: Unique Melody Mirage and Maven Announcement! (Post 320) Unique Melody 3DD-Ti Announcement! (Post 213) North America Tour Info. (Post 106) European Tour Info. (Post 129) 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration (Post 35) Hi Everyone. Lawrance with Unique Melody here. We have quite a...