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Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More

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  1. the fool
    Sorry for this question. What does Head-fi handle in the survey means?
  2. Cotnijoe
    Another word for your username =)
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
  3. klaimzlgd
    Hey, probably not related to the post but is Maestro V2 natural sounding?
  4. Army-Firedawg
    Ew, color me exited!
  5. Wyville
    It was the primary reason I became interested in the V2.

    You can check out this review for more info:

    I talked to Nic (the reviewer) a lot about the V2 because he knew my preferences and my priority on accurate timbre, he considered it an end-game contender for me (for however much "end game" is worth in this hobby :wink: ). I still haven't heard them myself, but the review should give you a good idea of the V2.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
    ranfan, klaimzlgd and jinxy245 like this.
  6. meowzart
    such a good news from UM. Looking for more promo for your custom series, especially the mason v2 :)
  7. soundblast75
    Love UM iems and especially Mentor 3 i have now, also still use my Merlin custom
  8. goodvibes
    This is another tour I'd appreciate. I've had/have JHA, 64udio, EE, Inear, Campfire etc and listened to others but have not heard a UM.
  9. ngoshawk
    I really, REALLY like my Maestro V2’s. I also have the Martian (thanks again Lawrance!), but use the Maestro’s more. There is a reason I chose them over more expensive TOTL’s. For the price, they really cannot be beat. And I still say this after spending a week with the fantastic 64Audio pair (oh MY they were good!). But I am completely happy with the Maestro sound and do not regret the purchase even after hearing both 64’s.

    Smooth, full, decent bass, and sound stage the size of Montana (almost...), they are a wise choice.
    Wyville, jinxy245 and klaimzlgd like this.
  10. Cotnijoe
    The Mason (or previously named Maestro) line would be the most natural within our lineup. The V2 iteration does go for a gently darker than purely neutral response while the newly released Mason V3 gives an objectively more "neutral" tuning.

    That's something we'll definitely have to change then :sunglasses:
    Wyville likes this.
  11. goodvibes
    :ksc75smile: I'm for whichever sounds the most right. I know that seems relative but I suspect those used to better things know what I mean. Neutral to me isn't a uerm but has more low bass that doesn't touch the mids. Also an extended but not spotlighted top end. Focus and timing are more important to me than shear size of field. Big is great but not at the expense of focus. For instance, the PP8 is an engineers dream but I don't find it especially solid though it can make other costly IEMs sound wrong in comparison. Dead neutral with the right tips but lacks a bit of color and tangibility. I can really appreciate it's technical prowess and as a tool yet prefer something else for enjoyment. While I like a neutral sig, I'll give up a touch of frequency perfection for musical message every time. Like all things audio, ymmv.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
  12. klaimzlgd
    i saw the photo post on your facebook page, with what was written as Mason v2, is that going to be a revamp of the maestro v2 or is it the same model just different name? I’d be darn excited if this is going to be a revamp ;D
  13. rantng
    The Mason & Maestro are the same, just with different names for different markets. Musicteck sells it as the Maestro V2 (Mason V2)
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
  14. ExpiredLabel
    I've never had a chance to demo anything by UM. It would be very welcomed indeed to get the products out and more reviews up by the community. Looking forward to seeing more involvement by UM! W00t
  15. rantng
    @Cotnijoe how would you say the universal BA only models compare in size to the hybrid models? I had the Merlin V2 which I enjoyed, but found it was a little too large for my ears.
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