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UM3X isn't doing it for me anymore... I need suggestions

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  1. delladood
    The UM3X isn't as enjoyable as it was when I first got it.  The soundstage is kind of a turn-off for me:/ Does anyone have a suggestion of an IEM I should get aside from the SE535 or the UM3X?
  2. soullinker20
    if you want to maintain the um3x's signature with just a bigger soundstage then go for W4 but it has lesser bass but more quality than quantity in bass and much more refined on all across the spectrum
  3. delladood
    I don't exactly know what I want... I kind of want to try something different.  I've had the ER4, the gr07, the asg-1, the tf10... Idk whats left lol.  I WANT A SOUNDSTAGE FOR GOSH SAKES!
  4. vwinter
    What did you not like about the ASG-1 and the GR07 soundstages? Maybe we can narrow something down that way.
  5. delladood
    well the gr07 is actually rather on my list to get.... I really did enjoy the asg-1 soundstage, the asg-1 was kind of to dark for my taste, and painful. Other than that... If I could get the asg-1 in a package like the gr07... you better believe I would get it.  the gr07 was nice... And I would consider it again.
  6. vwinter
    I currently have an IE8 on loan. Vocals are more recessed than the GR07 and I'd say overall the GR07 is just a little better technically, BUT the IE8 (and I assume IE80 now) has a larger soundstage in all directions, has bass more like the ASG-1 in its midbass focus which makes it also darker than the GR07, and is actually, to me, even more comfortable. If I had to switch the GR07 for the IE8/IE80, I wouldn't lose much sleep over it.
  7. delladood
    Oh... I've had the IE8 before... Honestly, it was my first IEM, my favorite iem, and the only iem I regret getting rid of. But... I get these urges to sell my um3x. then I realize im being an idiot.
  8. vwinter
    Haha, Kinda happy I made a good recommendation then lol.
    Maybe look into the TDK BA200 [​IMG] If you can get one in the states (and if you can tell me how lol). I've read its like a sibling to the UM3X with a very nice soundstage.
  9. planx
    You most likely would enjoy the UM2 more.
  10. soullinker20
    SM3 for huge soundstage and bass that is very close to a dynamic driver

    but if you're not concerned with isolation, try the fx700 or just wait for the senn IE800

    you could also check out my comparisons of W4 vs SM3 which are my top picks:

  11. Swimsonny
    BA200 has the best most natural soundstage but it is not the biggest. Perfect presentation.
  12. Spyro
    W3 will retain the Westone house sound but give you better treble and a more spacious, open sound (larger soundstage).
  13. mastershake2393
    I had the same issue with my UM3X (when I had it). I would go back and forth, trying to decide if I actually wanted to sell it.
    I'm pretty sure I traded it for an SM3. I won't say that it's more technically proficient than the UM3X, but I did enjoy it more.
    Until I try out the ASG-1 (should be here tomorrow!), I don't want to recommend the SM3 just yet. Someone said that the ASG-1 has a similar sound to the SM3... or I'm just crazy and thought I saw them both compared haha.
    If you want something much different than what you have already, maybe you should look into the FX500 or FX700.
    Then there's the JH5... [​IMG]
  14. atty101
    I'll also toss my hat into the ring for the SM3. I currently own both the UM3X and the SM3 and I still can't get enough of the SM3 soundstage. Unfortunately my SM3 are off to France for repair. I'd planned on selling them but I've decided I can't part with them. They're the first IEM I fell in love with and I'll stick with them.
    They aren't as articulate as the UM3X but they're certainly more engaging. Never tried the Westone 4s though. Those are next on my purchasing list...
  15. olear
    I had the SM3 and thought the mids were too forward.  I recommend the EX1000 or FX700. I had IE80 and didn't like the mid bass hump. I prefer MG7.
    I have a um3x in-bound as I'm curious about how well these phones layer music. 
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