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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. lin0003
    Ok, buying these...
    The sound is just too good and IMO, better than the Audeze LCD-2 and that is a huge feat for an IEM. 
  2. lee730
    Did you fold the tape in half so the sticky side isn't touching anything? I did this with the scotch tape and just cut a little rectangle section that fits flush inside the housing sideways. Just angle the tape like an L inside the housing. The cable should lock in tightly.
  3. a_recording
    Okay, since I don't have the 1Plus2 anymore I don't really plan on hanging around in this thread. But I'll say this.
    It seems absurd to me that  this is a high end flagship product where owners are suggesting the use of scotch tape or glue or cardboard to overcome a design flaw.
    The Logitech UE900 has quality control issues. The manufacturer has to face scrutiny and 1-Star Amazon reviews and offer free replacements because they made a $399 product with connection terminals that oxidate after a few months.
    Flimsy connection terminals are clearly a worse design flaw then that but when that is pointed out, people act as apologists and make passive aggressive comments about the criticisms.
    If you do not think that a product that is being offered for a retail price equivalent to a MacBook Air should not face the same scrutiny as other products, then I honestly think you are being a bit deluded.
    The 1Plus2 sounds great but you are not doing the industry any favours by signalling that it is okay to cut corners on build quality just as long as it sounds good and you have some scotch tape and glue handy.
  4. Mimouille
    I totally agree that a 1.3k product should be perfect or close to. However on this precise point, the reason for this apparent defect is that the pins were made slightly thinner (0.7mm instead of standard 0.78) so it is possible to do some cable swapping without damaging the sockets.
  5. lin0003
    No, I actually just put the sticky side on the "wall". I lined all 4 sides with electrical tape and it is great! 
    a_recording, I agree completely with what you are saying about the connector, but I disagree with the build quality. This is what a lot of companies use for their (C)IEMs and it should hold up fine. 
  6. Gintaras
    a_recording, do not worry, i imagine there are sometimes IEMs not for you or for me. take me, i auditioned MDR 7550 and did not like it but many dudes love them.
    so no one is asking you to like something you did not like. all what i asked if it is possible to avoid price considerations when talking about sound quality. price considerations for me are valid only in rare cases when pricey item does not achieve what it was intended to achieve.
    but i am well aware some people prefer other IEMs and i think i told this story about k3003 which i find darn good IEM as well to my own surprise. normally i am biased against AKG and Senns since i live in place where only these are sold, it is not about them but about absent competition and little choice in my place which drives me nuts [​IMG] 
  7. lee730

    Exactly what I was pointing to. The reason the cable pins are made smaller is so it doesn't wear out the pin sockets of the IEMs. This is an issue across the board for pretty much all CIEMs (besides the Fit Ear and the Roxanne to my knowledge). I'd much rather have the option to swap out cables and have the longevity aspect opposed to having a non-recessed design where the pins eventually wear out the pin housing and at times even snap inside of it rendering the IEM useless. Even my 8A which was brand new had issues with its cable socket becoming loose. I only removed the cable two times....
  8. AmberOzL
    Do recessed sockets improve anything on that subject?
  9. Gintaras
    only in our dreams because a perfect product is what is good for me or you, who cares if others do not like it? i feel too egoistic to think about the world happiness today [​IMG] 
  10. Gintaras
    Lee, that tape image scares me, can you replace it with something smaller and nicer? [​IMG][​IMG] 
  11. lee730
    lol :wink:.
  12. a_recording
    This is not about price Gintaras. As I said I have spent well over the price of the 1Plus2 on audio gear, I am happy to spend $1000 or more on quality lenses or computers etc. I am very happy to buy expensive products when they are well built and it seems like pride and care have been invested in their design. I do not get this impression with the 1Plus2.
    I agree with you that putting price on sound quality is absurd. I made that point very clear in my review. My issue is with a level of build quality and design that is simply inappropriate for a $1000 product and it would be inappropriate for a $400 product or a $200 dollar product. If the connectors were flimsy on a Shure SE215 through no fault of your own you would send it back and Shure would send you a new one because even at $99 there are basic levels of build quality. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the sound quality. But if you want to continue to dismiss these kinds of sentiments because you think it would be better to encourage substandard build quality at the $1000 level then by all means do so.
    Based on Tom's statements regarding the shell size of the 1Plus2, I will make an addendum to my review. I came to that conclusion too hastily but from my perspective it did look like a great deal of blank plastic to me. I was wrong.
    I do not think I am wrong regarding the flimsy connectors that should be Sony-style threaded or MMCX type, or the cables themselves being moulded out of cheap plastic and off the shelf parts with no strain reliefs.
    But if you think that somehow a $1000 product is beyond criticism from some lowly person who doesn't have the money to spend on it then please continue acting like you have some kind of emotional investment in the product instead of being a end-customer, because heaven knows the internet needs more of that.
  13. lee730
    Yes they do. Generally recessed pin sockets are much more durable. But at the same time you have to factor in the wear and tear the cable pins will have on the actual pin housing themselves. If they are the same size or bigger it will cause wear the more you remove them. Thus why Tralucent uses a slightly smaller pin size for their cables vs the actual cable pin socket housing so it doesn't cause this wear and tear. But the only thing that is holding it in place is the cable housing itself on the sides of the recessed pin housing. Thus for my recommendation of a small piece of tap as it allows for the cables housing to grip the recessed housing. The SE5 also has a recessed pin housing but I do not recommend you remove the cable often at all. It is silicone and the housing isn't held in place like it would be on an acrylic IEM. If you do a cable change keep it minimum. Plus factor in what I said above about the size of the pins vs the pin holes in the recessed housing, it will lead to wear and tear regardless.
    AmberOzL likes this.
  14. a_recording
    Just because there is a reason for making a design decision doesn't actually validate that decision when it leads to an issue. If you wanted to avoid damaging the sockets with cable swapping, perhaps you could use an MMCX style connector or a threaded connector or heck, for $1000 think of something else amazing and wonderful.
  15. AnakChan Moderator

    Lee, I'd add Shures to the list.
    AmberOzL, actually it does. Recessed sockets doesn't solve the issue but gives you something to work with (i.e. the tape, or lining/thickening the inner wall with glue) whereas no wall would give nothing to work on at all (I think?).
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