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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. tomscy2000
    Personally, I feel that I'm fairly qualified to comment on the state of the high-end IEM and CIEM industry, but okay.
  2. a_recording
    Thanks Tom! Trust you to have some insider insight on this hah. If this is indeed true I'll make some addendum to my review. I could not visually determine what was behind the dynamic driver but it honestly seemed like a bunch of blank plastic to me.
    That said, I can't help but feel the 1Plus2 could have been designed differently. Looking at the SE215 or Westone ADV for instance, you could imagine modifications on that style that could accomodate the 1Plus2 internals in a much more ergonomic package. Both of those IEMs (the Westone ADV especially) are also much better in terms of build quality. 
    The revised Null Audio Elpis I have also has some pretty impressively tight bass, though I am still really getting a grip on it.
    This is indeed the important aspect to me. I'm not disparaging the 1Plus2 simply because it is expensive. I think the AKG K3003 or IE800 for instance are beautifully crafted examples of engineering. Though I might not be personally able to afford them, I can imagine being proud to own them.
    For reference, I think something like the SE846 is a huge letdown simply because, again, it's plastic.
    As I said, my review is from my personal perspective. I know some people are after a no holds-barred approach when it comes to sound quality, kind of like how Lotus designs fast cars by removing the air conditioning or other amenities.
    I'm the kind of person who would rather something like the Lexus LF-A, which combines material science innovation, performance and beauty.
    I feel most negatively about the cable, but again I'm not a cable guy. I just think for $800 it should at least look and feel better. A few days ago a friend showed me his Oyaide cable which was 6000 yen and I could see why you would buy it: it was well made, clean, practical and seemingly high quality. I don't get that feeling with the 1Plus2.
  3. Gintaras
    mate, i had chance to compare 1p2 to k3003. for me 1p2 was still winning in comfort and sound aspects despite sound wise k3003 is darn close to 1p2 with some aspects being tuned slightly differently. for this reason i called k3003 a polite version of 1p2.
    make wise k3003 surprises you positively, shiny body, quality materials.... IF only cable was detachable. however i had more problem and time to spend before i found comfort seal with k3003, shells were a bit heavy on my ears, i did not like metallic chill either. also i prefer wearing cable over my ears.
    but that's me. talking about make and sound k3003 is great IEM and must not be overlooked as it delivers a lot for the price. is it expensive? yes! is it less flexible? yes! so if you have no money to afford k3003 you can look elsewhere but for the price k3003 will please even most demanding audiophiles. there is no direct contest between k3003 and 1p2, it rather boils down to your personal preferences so only you can answer which one you like better. that said both IEMs will surprise you with clean, well controlled and lively sound and will deliver many hours of musical pleasure to their proud owners.
    NB: please see how i wrote the last paragraph when comparing things.
  4. kkcc
    Just want to share my own experience with the aesthetics/build quality aspects on the 1plus2.  This is not a review, but a rather detailed sharing of my purchase struggles and experiences.
    I must preface this by saying I'm a really superficial guy who ALWAYS judge a book by its cover.  Aesthetics/form factor had played a key role in nearly all of my purchases. I paid usd300 extra just to get the chrome plate for my ASG2.  I was even willing to compromise on the AK100 to replace my DX100 just based on looks.  Thus far in the Audiophile-land I surprised myself with two purchases, and the 1plus2 is one of them.
    The beginning
    Before I first demo'ed the 1plus2, I was really skeptical and suspected this is just another overpriced fad.   It wasn't until I read many positive reviews and impressions of peopled I had followed/respected on HF for quite some time (way before I joined as a posting member), I decided to get a demo.
    First encounter
    At my first demo, I believe I confirmed my suspicious was confirmed at first sight.  It didn't look premium at all.  The cable connectors particularly look ugly.  The shell and faceplate themselves are okay but doesn't carry themselves as totl product.  I guess I lost maybe 90% of my interest on the spot already.  I proceed to demo with my favorite album/tracks for a good hour or so and came away not overly impressed. The meeting concluded with me politely thanking Gavin.
    The missing bit
    My trouble actually started AFTER this demo - even right after we parted ways and I went on to the local subway putting on my TG334, I felt something is not right.  This feeling will grew overtime and I went as far as trying out many many IEMs in various price range trying to find that "missing bit", but it was nowhere to be found.  Only then knew I had already fallen IN LOVE with the 1plus2.  On one hand I deem its aesthetics falling short of my standard, on the other hand I was mesmerized with it unique soundstage and tuning.  The feeling grew stronger and stronger and I finally broke down after a couple months ordering one WITHOUT another demo.  
    The unboxing
    I still remember it was a Friday afternoon I receive my package.  The unboxing was uninspired as it partially reminds me why it took me so much struggle to finally ordered it and I examine it like I'm trying to find any flaw or excuse to return it.  However it was also obvious this new unit had been put together with care and it felt solid and robust.  The cable were more supple than I remembered, and the shell/faceplate looked more polished.  It could be new toy syndrome but I did compare it side-by-side with my TG334 and I wasn't sure why I hesitated for so long.  I put it on and played my test tracks, one after another, then another, then another, until I notice my office was empty with me the last person staying way past beer hour on my floor.
    My daily driver
    It had since supplanted my TG334 as my everyday go-to IEM.  I have since ordered many other totl or new IEMs (including ASG-2, JH13pro, UM 3DD. SE846) but to date 1plus2 remain my go-to even on the very day my new IEM arrive.  I just keep going back to them.  The shine and polish on the shell and faceplate had not faded one bit and it is very durable.  I had been carrying them in my shirt/pants pocket WITHOUT any purse or carrying box.  Neither the cable or the IEM units themselves is showing any sign of wear or tear, except that the cable become even more supple.  I have switch countless cables with them (Fiio SPC, Alo sxc24, UE18pro balanced cable, whiplash...) that I own or tried at meets or show and the socket stills hold.  In contrast my JH13's non-recessed socket had already loosen to a point I'm wary of any further cable changes in just 1/10th of the number of cable changes.  And I still like my gold/silver cable best with the 1plus2.  The Alo sxc24 was my second favorite, but it is stiffer.
    Final thoughts
    I am not sure in what shape the demo unit was but if it is anything similar to what I experienced, the actual brand new unit should be much better.  Some things won't change are 1) the bigger housing, 2) the ugly cable connector, 3) the stiff cable (well mine actually became more supple...), and 4) a price that seems to imply "better" aesthetics.  Nonetheless, it I need to give up all of my IEM and just keep one to use for the rest of my life, I'm picking the 1plus2 with full confidence it will last as long as me.
    Thanks for reading.   [​IMG] 
  5. Gintaras
    kkcc, same here
    i remember when i listened to 1p2 i was not prepared to love them, i had another IEM which was highly praised on HeadFi and i thought "well well, lets see what this fuzz is all about"
    after some time i got some strange sensations asking myself, was this 1p2 or did i forget to switch off my front end system...so real bass reverb and air moving sensation was.... going back and forth between my IEMs and 1p2 i each time tried to convince myself i need not them... but as time went on i could not resist and contacted Gavin to purchase a pair. since then 1p2 is my most universal and most listened IEM. i find no issues so far, quality and comfort suit me greatly and i stopped worrying about upgrades. now i look only for IEMs which could compliment 1p2 when i want listen to small acoustics or get this warm sweet voices in my head but... talking about realistic picture and live music sensations there is nothing i heard that could come close to 1p2.
    IMHO 1p2 is the most musical and realistic sounding IEM to be found. more curiously this IEM was created not by a big corporation or audio boutique but by a person who understands music and live sound so well.
    so count me in into 1p2 fan club. [​IMG]
  6. goodvibes
    I liked them at 1st listen and agree that the general silver/gold cable sig should be great for them. I remember swapping cables on them for perspective. I later tried a silver/gold cable on my JH13s. I didn't think a good match but immediately thought about how well it would likely interface with the 1+2. I still slightly preferred what I use now but these are the best universals I've auditioned and with the right cable, a true contender for best available. Nobody should go wrong by ordering these and fitting becomes a moot issue.
  7. gav007
    Nice to read your guys views on the 1p2. I cannot wait to demo them in a few weeks, I have a feeling I will pull the trigger and order them.
  8. Gintaras
    gav, happy listen and sorry for your wallet :D
  9. lin0003
    I got the 1plus2 today and at first, I listened to it on my SGS3 and I wasn't too impressed, but when I plugged it into my HDP-R10, I was blown away! Holy crap! Everything was awesome, especially the bass! So fast and such great detail and impact. 
    I might buy it, but it is a lot of money and my UM Miracle is already very good... What to do [​IMG]
  10. kkcc

    Lol they do scale very well with your source/amp.

    Haha I had been in that same predicament before with my "end game" tg334. And you knew how it went.

  11. lin0003
    Thanks. A huge improvement that I have never heard from an IEM before is the soundstage. 
    A while ago, I was chatting with Lee and he explained to me that IEMs didn't have soundstage and it was headstage or something like that. Admittedly, I didn't understand what he was saying, but now I do! They sound like speakers!
  12. lee730
    Yep you got it Lin. Most people can't even differentiate sound staging from head staging and that is a fact, sadly. If I could only have 1 IEM it would be a toss up honestly between the 1Plus2 and the Flat 4 Sui. I could do without the SE5 if I had to. The 1Plus2 and Flat 4 are my main go to IEMs. Then again the SE5 is up there with them but it's a very different presentation. Kinda like the 8A in the sense where when I'm in the mood for it, it sweeps me off my feet. While with the Flat 4 and 1Plus2 I can use them all the time.
    Regarding the build. Well I think it is rather good. Not the best out there but far from the worst and far from being as bad as I've just read. Regarding the cable coming loose from the pins. Well I already said my piece on that. I put a small piece of scotch tape into each recessed housing and locked the cable in place. It has not come out once since doing so and it will not until I pull it out. I could switch cables hundreds of times and not have issues that I'd have that are inherent to CIEMs. I would dare not try this on my SE5 as I'd ruin the sockets in no time. I'll take longevity over beauty any day (not that you could see the tape anyways :wink:.
  13. lin0003
    Damn you and Gavin!!! [​IMG]
    Now I might have to buy this AND a Studio V 3rd Anniversary. 
  14. Gintaras
    Lin, all i can say "sorry for your wallet" [​IMG]
    as high-end reviewers would say: 1p2 - cost is no objection IEM [​IMG]
    yes, 1p2 looks will not impress girls, cables are stiff and expensive, your wallet protests even the idea of paying them because of steep price. but when you hear 1p2 it is so difficult to forget them.
  15. lin0003
    One very annoying problem is the right pin is very loose, but I've "fixed" this by lining the inside of the recessed socket with electrical tape. Double sided tape didn't cut it and normal scotch tape didn't work either. Gavin's suggestion to use thin cardboard failed as well. Haven't tried the glue and I don't think that I will. 
    I am in love with the sound and I probably have something worked out with Gavin... 
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