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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Gintaras
    a_recording, do not get me wrong. i not telling about quality without merits. i have 1p2 for several months with no issues. i find them durable enough but i would not try to drop them on the floor.
    yes, i see where you coming from, in some way you sound like a perfectionist. i am different, for me music gear must sound good and make quality must guarantee problem free functionality. i do not care if materials are not shiny enough or design does not wow me because the only thing which can wow me is sound.
    in any case, lets drop this pointless discussion as we are not to agree on certain points and i respect your right to disagree with me.
  2. a_recording
    Agreed! Please continue to enjoy music from the 1Plus2 because as we both agree, it does sound really very good.
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I've said for many months the sockets should be redesigned, it was mentioned in my final impressions. Yes, I understand lots of companies use them however I don't think they cut the mustard for IEM's in this price range. When you have acrylic shells falling off on the ground (very expensive acrylic shells) there no real excuse at this price. Maybe Tralucent can continue using the same Westone pins but adapt some kind of locking mechanism for the plugs, maybe even a lip the plug slides into that locks it tight. As I said in my final impressions, I don't know exactly what should (can/will) be done, but the for money I shouldn't have to think about it or have things falling off on the ground.

    That's all I'm going to say and that goes for all companies, not just Tralucent.
  4. lee730
    @ a_recording. I agree there are areas for improvement. But at the same time I understand where Gavin is coming from and he chose the lesser evil when dealing with the pin standards that are inherent on most CIEMs. I think he stuck to this standard opposed to totally proprietary as it offers much more versatility for people to choose between different cables. You'd be much more limited in this regards if the cables were proprietary where you can't buy from other companies without using a special termination. I take this is your first time in CIEM territory? The cable housing standard has been a sore-point since this all started really. It would be nice to see things improve but it's at a very slow pace.
  5. kkcc
    Imho I hope to see wider adoption for the fitear design. It is simple, elegant, and robust. I know Gavin is a super fans of Fitear product himself and I am hoping they would move into that socket.
  6. lee730
    Do you think that socket would allow for removing the cable multiple times without destroying the pin housing? I think the Fit Ear housing is actually a Sennheiser design :).
  7. a_recording
    Yes indeedy. So honestly I do not even know if MMCX connectors are really more reliable than 2 pin connectors, but they seem more reliable to me and have some degree of mechanical fastening. Really the only detachable cable mechanism that seems well put together to me is the Sony style connectors which are just MMCX with a screw on collar, which seems like a great idea to me even though it adds quite a bit of bulk.
    As far as CIEMs go I've been thinking of taking a gander with customs and getting a pair of these Null Audio Elpis units. Yes the Null Audio's also have the 2 pin connectors and the arrangement seems even more flimsy because there is no recess at all, but for $250 USD I think its a bit more forgiveable hehe.
  8. lee730
    I think the Sennheiser pin design for the IE8 was even better than the Sony EX1000 and MDR-7550. My main qualm with the Sony cable is it's lack of availability. They make it hard for you to get it and at a reasonable price. They are also not as durable as the IE8/IE80 cable. I was always much more careful with these cables opposed to the IE8/IE80 cable which I never worried really.
    Good luck on your foray into customs. I had a very bad experience with my initial experiment. Turning my TF10s into customs. I thought at the time it was a good idea and relatively affordable. Bought the TF10 during the Black Friday sale for $95.00 and paid a bit over $100.00 to have them reshelled into Customs. The fit was very painful and I felt the sound quality went down. Was too bassy even compared to the original lol. But the 8A did give me reassurance that I could wear CIEMs. Just the fit is important. But the sound was still a problem at that point. Not so with the SE5. :).
  9. kkcc

    I like the fitear implementation as it incorporated the locking mechanism within the socket and pins. From the photo below you can see the recessed area on the pin for the socket to clamp onto and lock in place. I have had connected and removed cables on my tg334 countless times and it is still as robust as new. No loosening nor any wiggle/play. At the same time it is easy to detach, and always attach with a resounding click.


    This is a third-party made fitear pin connector that Tralucent can source and use directly. I think the challenge is on making the locking socket which I have not seen available yet from these parts vendor. And not sure how difficult/profitable it is for a parts manufacturer to make them only for say Tralucent or even if a handful more ciem companies got onboard.
  10. Mimouille
    As Gavin has greatly improved on quality and cable ergonomics since V1, I have no doubt that the upcoming 7plusπ mutant evolving half organic hybrid will have better sockets.
  11. Gintaras
    what??? new Tralucent IEM? [​IMG]
  12. Rollk2
    The Fit Ear design is based on this from Sennheiser, but these are not proprietary pins. All the IEM could use them, but this standard is not used by the professional on stage, that,a why many brands used the same standard as Westone, UE, Earsonics, JH Audio... Professional brands. Nonetheless that doesn't explain why Jerry Harvey is changing his standard to a 4 pins per ear monitor.

    As Tralucent is a hifi brand and not a professional brand they have no interest to stay on that standard, moreover the 1+2 are designed to be used with a special cable.
  13. lin0003
    The Roxanne cable has 4 pins because of the bass tuning capability. 
  14. Currawong Contributor
    Just for fun, I plugged the 1plus2s into the ALO Studio Six. Quite a lot off bass came out as a result!
  15. lin0003
    Just to see what would happen, I used my HDP-R10 on high gain and holy crap, the mids are so much better. If there is a gain changer like a DX100 or DX50, try it on high gain!
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