Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

  1. chaiyuta
    May I know any revised version of your DIY Cables? I find that insulation of Viper 26awg is a bit more stiff than Silver Poison.
  2. Toxic Cables
    Hi, Yes, the Viper 26 clear, Black Widow 26 black/clear, Poison and the new Silver plated wire that will be listed for DIY too all have the new extremely flexible insulation.
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  3. Oscar-HiFi
    Now this is good news :D
  4. eddie0817
    I can briefly share how the difference between those new flagship cables

    Medusa 17 vs. SW22 V2

    The Medusa has the extremely good treble extension as hydra 22, but with slightly warmer mids similar as SW22 V2, very clean and crystal sound signature,
    sick detail, and the bass is similar also, fast, textured, but the most important is the vocal doesn't like SW22 one step back, is much better.
    So, I can say Medusa 17 is a combination of hydra 22 and SW22, in terms of their advantage parts.

    Medusa 17 vs. GW24

    Those cable with totally different sound signature, as GW is gold plated silver/gold, warmer sounding is expected, the enhancement of bass and mid are more
    noticeable for GW24, sweet vocal, the whisper kinds, if you prefer the singer like Olivia Ong, Susan Wong, definitely will love GW24, the bass is tighter and deeper also.
    But the treble extension and detail definitely is Medusa 17 did a better job.

    GW24 vs. GSP8

    Comes to my favorite parts, I enjoy GSP 8 for more than one year, so far, I tested many gold-plated silver kinds of cables and didn't find the one can superior than GSP8.
    It has outstanding mids, the vocal is like a cream melt in your ear.(forgive me I describe like that lol) compare to GW24, both they are great cables, the sound stage is slightly wider for GW24, also the resolution is much better, it not like GSP has an emphasis mids, it provide a clearer and sweeter vocal also.

    Thanks Frank for develop those incredible cables, just like SW22 v2 it provides the unique specification and sounding in the market, the Medusa 17 and GW 24 also did an excellent job again.



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  5. chaiyuta
    Look forward to see more info of them. :smile_phones:
    By the way, is it possible to inform O.D. (outer diameter) of each cable? It's very useful info for modding earbuds cause mostly earbuds have limited hole size.
  6. Devilyik
    Thanks Eddie for your review. It really helps as there is no audition available at my homeplace. Today I tried another GPS cable Effert audio Horus, found I really love the sound signature, which is slow and sweet and creamy, but not as close and somehow irritating mid like Twau. Its soundstage is slighlty smaller than my SW22 as well pairing up with ak240 and noble K10. I noticed you have almost all of these cables, do you think GW24 or GPS4/8 would hv similar signature or superior than Horus? Looking forward to your comments. Think I m going to order one of them soon lol.
  7. eddie0817
    Hi Devilyik,

    Thanks for sharing your thought of Effect audio Horus, I had tried it before, I would say Horus is a special GPS kinds of cable, compare with GSP8 and GW24,
    it is not a warm type of GPS, more bright and good resolution, you can notice that the sound stage is also wider, but both GSP and GW24 has warmer vocal than Horus, if you think Horus is sweet, then both GSP and GW24 are even sweeter for vocal, and bass is also deeper.

    Both Horus, GSP8 and GW24 are good cables, it depends on your preference, as you are using ak240 and noble 10(brighter) and have SW22 in hand,
    I will recommend you to take GW24.

    If your player and earphone is a warmer type, like Sony WM1Z, I will recommend Horus to balance.

    Give you an example, a friend of mine is using AK380ss+ VE8 and pair Horus, the source is too cold? cause pair with Horus resolution is too good,he found he prefer sweeter vocal recently, so may not suitable for him.

    The cable don't have the standard answer, depends on your preference and mood, that is why I have so many cables.




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  8. TheAttorney
    Thank you for these initial impressions.

    Now how about comparing SW22 V2 vs GW24?
    Is one a worthwhile upgrade over the other irrespective of any tonal characteristics they may have?
    And any differences in weight or flexibility?
  9. Rowethren
    That is some serious cable porn you have there! Nice information as well, can't wait to get my Medusa 17 for my K10s :D
  10. eddie0817

    I will say they are the same in terms of flexibility, the insulation all quite soft, the weight I think SW22 V2 should be heavier than GW24, because one is 22 awg and another is 24 awg.
    May in the future will and GW22 !! then I can't imagine how expansive the cable is.

    back to the SW22 V2 vs GW24
    Again, they are different type of cable, SW22 V2 with sick detail, clean, fast and shadow bass, vocal step one step back.
    If you mentioned upgrade from SW22, I will think Medusa is better.


  11. Devilyik
    Thanks Eddie. Your comments are valuable. So maybe I will taje GW24 at last. Hope It is not like my previous Whisplash Twau 4 wires, which is dry, 2D, too close and nearly irritating vocal. That makes me avoid gold plated cables since then. Hope the GW can gives a sweet , tasty female vocal for me.
    BTW which connector do you recommend? Normal one that Toxic offers or Furutech one? Any significant difference?
  12. eddie0817
    If you are using Whiplash Twau V1, it is quite 2D and concentrate, even the 8 wire, I have the V2 8 wire version which is much better, improve for the sound stage, but vocal still not as sweet as GSP8, more solid.
    If can ask Frank for furutech one, I think for new flagship should be better to use this.

  13. Devilyik
    Frank offered normal or carbon furutech connector for different prices for me, any different between them?

    I think mine should be Twau V2. Hope the GW can provide the sweet tube amp sound like Horus does. Also I m planning to upgrade the player to Sp1000 copper later maybe.

  14. Rowethren
    Frank said the Furutech ones have thicker more durable plating on them which is why I chose that one. Also the conductors are pure copper as apposed to copper alloy as far as I am aware.
  15. Toxic Cables
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