Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

  1. Rowethren
    Nice to hear about the flexibility, the more picture the merrier :p
  2. eddie0817
    I am just receive Medusa 17 2 wire for IEM few days ago, I can briefly say how it sounds, It has extremely good treble extension the same as hydra 22, but with sightly warmer signature similar to SW22 V2, sick detail, great dynamic, the most important for me is more easy to drive and vocal is not as SW22 which a bit like one step back,
    I can say it is the great cable I have so far.

    Please do not miss it !





  3. Rowethren
    Really great photos, looks fantastic! Definitely getting one of these! How would you say the bend radius of the Medusa 17 compares to the Silver Widow 22 V2?
  4. eddie0817

    I will say exactly the same , they both use the same material of insulation, both extremely flexible:)
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  5. Rowethren
  6. Toxic Cables
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  7. singleended5863
    Frank! Do you have price of each of your new products? How do they sound differently?
    I had the SW long time ago but it match very well with Noble X UIEMs.
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  8. Devilyik
    Hi Eddie, I m now using Ak240 and noble K10 with SW22. Definitely it is good match and I m looking for an upgrade. Do you think Medusa or new GW suits my setting better? Thankd
  9. Devilyik
    I mainly listen to pop or pop jazz, olivia ong and Faye Wong is my favorite.
  10. eddie0817
    If you like the sound of SW and looking for further upgrade, then Medusa will be a better choice. Thanks
  11. Devilyik
    Thanks Eddie. Coz one concern on SW 22 is the vocal a bit step back. Would Medusa improves on this aspect? Also do you think furutech connector would be necessary? Carbon version or not?
  12. eddie0817
    Yes, I also noticed the vocal step back from SW22, but Medusa don’t have.

    BTW, if you prefer the whisper kinds of sweet vocal, should select GW24.

  13. jasonho
    How can I order one? I can't find it on your website
  14. Toxic Cables
    Here's a copy and paste from elsewhere,

    The Medusa 17awg Type 6 OCC Cryo Silver/Gold cable with the addition of gold plated silver strands. New Flagship Cable.

    Pricing for IEM cables starts at £795 for a 4ft 2 wire cable.

    Headphone cables start at £1295 for a 6ft 4 wire cable.

    The second cable is the Gold Widow, which is 24awg Type 4 Litz gold plated Silver/Gold cable.

    Pricing for an IEM cable starts at £895 for a 4ft 4 wire IEM cable and £1695 for 8 wire.

    Headphone cables start at £1195 for a 6ft cable.

    Third cable is a litz silver plated copper cable, not named this yet or finalised the price but will be around £150 mark.

    Others are cables we already had, just made some changes such as moving from type 2 to type 4 litz and new flexible insulation, prices remain the same, although cost went up.
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  15. Toxic Cables
    You can message me here for purchases, alternatively i will try to add them to the website tomorrow where you will be able to configure and order the cable.

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