1. squashi

    Amp recommendations with high current for LCD-5, Utopia, & HE-1000SE

    Hey! Sadly there is no place near me to try out different amps, but would like to upgrade the Amp for my totl HPs: LCD-5, Utopia, & HE-1000SE Right now I'm using a dx320 with amp 12 module (supposedly "provides 2000mA"), but thinking about using line out to use the DAPs DAC to then an external...
  2. MusicTeck

    Unique Melody MEST MKIII is Now In Stock & Focal Mid-Year Promotion!

    🙌The long awaited UM MEST MKIII is now in stock! Focal Mid-Year Promotion is HERE!🙌 Enjoy the newest quadbrid IEMs only at Musicteck! MEST MKIII is available in Red and Blue: Shop Red Shop Blue Focal Mid-Year Promotion 20% off ALL Focal Headphones! Includes Focal Utopia and Focal Bathys!
  3. audiocroissant

    2-3K Dynamic Headphone - Help me choose

    Trying to decide what to purchase next. Some info/criteria: Dynamic headphone in the mid- to hi-fi category to complement D8000. Sought Qualities: dynamic punchiness, good to great resolution, musicality, addictiveness, great imaging / separation, holographic. Wide soundstage is a plus but not...
  4. crazyhank

    Danacable (master of the Lazuli Nirvana) launching an Amp!!!

    Dana Robbins has just launched www.clarissonaudio.com for his new audiophile amp, called Head-Space. Dana's cables are always on http://danacables.com/, but this is new creation worth exploring! When talking about Danacable products...I think a preface is always required. These are not your...
  5. 1Tbps

    Focal earpad cleaning

    Hey guys, so I just washed the earpads of my Utopia by dipping them into water with some detergent. The problem is that there were residue of some kind of adhesive on the back of the pads, around the outer circumference of the plasic earpad mount thingy. Even after washing them briefly it...
  6. G

    Excited Newbie

    Hello guys, from New Zealand. Looking to build a system as I am rekindling my love of music and hifi. I have a Naim Unity Atom streamer/DAC/amp paired with Focal I love my blues and jazz, and sometimes also enjoy some electronica and good old rock. I now want to build my head fi solution...
  7. SP1000_WOW


  8. elton7033

    The MASS-Kobo 394/394II and the 406 desktop full balanced headphone amp thread

    After purchasing the world smallest full balance portable headphone amp with a 4pin XLR the MASS-Kobo 424 last month I have addicted to MASS-Kobo clean , powerful yet detail sound signature, in less then 3 week time I had say goodbye to some of my portable audio gear and save up 648000yen to say...
  9. me2621a

    Kenzie Encore, Mogwai SE, Woo Audo WA5-LE

    Hi Everyone, I currently have a new pair of Focal Utopias that I run out of the following signal chain: Roon -> Nuc -> Gumby -> Mjolnir 2 (Telefunken NOS) I like the Mjolnir 2 but while it was great for my Ether Flows and LCD-3 I feel like the Utopias would benefit from something a little...
  10. The_Blood_Raven

    Pittsburgh Head-fi and Audiophile meet - August 4th

    There will be a head-fi meet at Music To My Ear on August 4th. @MTMECraig can be messaged for more details about the shop. The last meet here was a blast with a great deal of interesting gear to try. Returning will be the ZMF Dynamics provided by Zach and local owners to try out. I'll be...
  11. mlavin

    The Triad of TOTL Headphones. Which ones and Why?

    I currently have the Focal Utopia and the Sony MDR-Z1R and am curious as many of you have much more user knowledge as to highly acclaimed HP. I’m looking for totl to fill that gap for a warm, musical , enjoyable vs analytic. So will be interested what you each thinks should fill the third slot...
  12. marcussmj

    Why no love for Focal Utopia owners

    Dear Focal, First of all congratulations on your new product launch. A lot of people were excited to see what Focal has been hard at work for the past few months or so. The Clear seems to be fantastic compromise for a lot of headphone enthusiast in this immense community. But I have a few...
  13. Allanmarcus

    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    STOP Please read this post first, before you post! While I no longer read this thread, I will update the first post if you let me know. The utopia is $4000 MSRP (significantly less from friendly, authorized dealers) Let's keep this civil, and focused on the Focal Utopia Thanks Elear...
  14. Austin Morrow

    Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Everyone that I know in the forums has said nothing but absolutely positive things about Frank's cables, and his commitment when it comes to customer service. Toxic Cables, in my honest and unbiased opinion, makes some of the best cables around, and for a relatively low cost.   I have an HD650...