1. C

    Danacable (master of the Lazuli Nirvana) launching an Amp!!!

    Dana Robbins has just launched www.clarissonaudio.com for his new audiophile amp, called Head-Space. Dana's cables are always on http://danacables.com/, but this is new creation worth exploring! When talking about Danacable products...I think a preface is always required. These are not your...
  2. Homrsimson


    https://imgur.com/a/Xs9HZcf Up for sale is a pristine Danacable lazuli reference terminated with rean mini-XLR connectors, which will work with the Meze Empyrean, all ZMF headphones, and most if not all Audeze full size headphones. 2 meter length and 4 pin XLR termination. The cable retails for...
  3. cuiter23

    WTB - Focal Clear

    Looking for a pair of Focal Clear headphones shipped to Canada. Condition is not too important as long as it is in perfect working condition. Let me know if you guys have any for sale. Thanks! Kevin
  4. me2621a

    Focal Utopia, Like New, with Extras - SOLD

    Pricing Update: The listing Price of $1900 only includes the stock Utopia cable (not the two Wireworld cables) and does not include paypal or shipping, all other accessories mentioned are included. I can provide you a shipping quote, or if you would prefer a flat number $2000 includes shipping...
  5. heliosphann

    *SOLD*BTG Audio Lemo (Focal Utopia) connector to Mini-Xlr (Audeze, ZMF, etc...)

    For sale is a pair of BTG Audio Lemo connector to mini-xlr. This will allow you to use pretty much any mini-xlr cables that are used on Audeze, ZMF headphones with your Focal Utopia. In excellent condition. Shipping and Paypal fees included. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for...
  6. juanix

    [FOUND] WTB Focal Utopia

    Looking for an excellent condition Utopia. Preferably less than a year old so I have some warranty left. Must have original purchase receipt for the warranty. Please send me your offer if you have one. I also have a pair of Aryas (less than a month old) that I’m willing to trade to offset the...
  7. Collusion[FIN]

    *SOLD* Focal Utopia + ImpactAudio balanced cable

    I have now these and RAAL SR1a's and I don't probably need them both. Utopia's are in absolutely top condition. I've always used a washable woolen headband protector (visible in one of the images) to keep the headphones in as good condition as possible. From a smoke, a perfume and a pet free...
  8. xxx1313

    SOLD: Focal Utopia (EU)

    I am selling a Focal Utopia in good used condition (pictures below). I bought it from an authorized Focal dealer in Austria in December 2016 and bought extended warranty until November 2020. The ear pads have been replaced with new original ear pads only few months ago. The Utopia comes in its...
  9. P

    FOUND: Focal Utopia

    Looking for a pair of Focal Utopias. Please PM if interested (USD, EUR, GBP). UPDATE: now found. Thanks for all the enquiries.
  10. Rakan

    Focal Utopia 1 year old mint condition (sold)

  11. songmic

    FS: Focal Utopia

    Hi, I'm selling my Focal Utopia. Although used for over 2 years, it was taken with great care and is therefore in excellent, almost like-new condition with no visible scratches or cosmetic flaws and works perfectly. Everything in its original packaging. Price is $1900. Please PM me if interested.
  12. jwbrent

    SOLD: Focal Utopia w/Norne Audio Draug Pure Silver Cable

    I’m considering selling my Utopia in order to fund another purchase. These were purchased new on 10/2/17 from an authorized dealer, so there is almost 3 years of warranty remaining (Focal honors second hand purchases for warranty as long as the original receipt is supplied). In absolute mint...
  13. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Wywires Platinum for Focal Utopia - 8ft, balanced (XLR)

    SOLD!! I'm not the original owner but it looks and sounds great. MSRP $824 Selling because I recently quit my job to go back to school full time so I can't afford to have extra, nice cables laying around not in use. Asking $285 - includes Paypal fees and free shipping to CONUS. I will ship...
  14. paramesh

    Dana Lazuli for Focal Utopia

    Looking for Dana lazuli for Utopia if anyone selling .. pls advise expected price with all details of the cable like termination etc ..
  15. spiderking31

    Focal Utopia with 10 foot Silver Dragon V3!!!!

    I’m selling my beloved Utopias as I am in need of money...I’m asking $3,000, as you’re getting a $500 Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3, 10 foot length, with a carrying case specifically for these headphones and cable!!!! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!! No negotiations! Also, the $3000 will include priority...
  16. xxx1313

    SOLD: Focal Utopia flagship headphones (EU)

    Selling a gently used Focal Utopia headphones in very good used condition (pictures below). First owner, got it in November 2016, so there are nearly two years of its 5 year warranty left. Works fine, sounds good, no dents, no scratches. It comes in its original box with 6.3mm cable and...
  17. SammYyYyY

    SOLD: Focal Utopia in Excellent Condition w/ Red/Black LQI Balanced Cable, Elex and Elear Pads, Focal Case

    Today I'm selling my Focal Utopia headphones. They are in excellent condition with a 7 ft. red/black balanced cable made by LQI. I'm also including the Focal Elear and Elex pads and the official Focal carry case. All original packaging and accessories are also included. The warranty is...
  18. Ramzal

    [SOLD] Focal Utopia w/ Norne Audio Silvergarde S3

    I am selling my pair of Focal Utopias with Norne Audio Silvergarde S3 Cable. Price is $2200 OBO I have original box, original cable, and purchase receipt from authorized Focal Dealer (March 11, 2019). These have been lightly used. Cosmetically, they are 9.5/10 with no blemishes or marks that...
  19. 1Tbps

    Focal earpad cleaning

    Hey guys, so I just washed the earpads of my Utopia by dipping them into water with some detergent. The problem is that there were residue of some kind of adhesive on the back of the pads, around the outer circumference of the plasic earpad mount thingy. Even after washing them briefly it...
  20. Maxx134

    SOLD Focal Utopia mint, plus extra cable

    Hello, I have SOLD a mint condition Utopia that I been keeping in closet to test and keep as a reference for my HD800 mods, but unexpected Veterinarian bills are coming, so I willing to let them go for a good sale price. The Focal Utopia comes with stock cable, plus a nice extra LQi cable. Price...
  21. FourT6and2

    FS: Focal Carry Case for Elegia, Elear, Utopia, Clear, Elex, etc.

    Mint condition. $125. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Includes original box (not shown)
  22. FourT6and2


    Two months old, mint condition. Comes with: Elear headphones in original wood box + shipping carton Original 1/4" cable Shorter braided 1/4" Elegia cable ($75) Corpse Cable GraveDigger 1.3 meter balanced cable – Sony 4.4mm Pentaconn plug ($200) Original ear pads Replacement perforated leather...
  23. stevenator

    SOLD: Focal Utopia w/4-pin XLR plug

    For sale here are my Focal Utopia headphones. These were my default headphones for a while, but I moved over to LCD-4s about six months ago based on an amplifier change. I am the original owner of these headphones and purchased them in August 2017. I re-terminated these headphones' stock cable...
  24. JoeDoe

    Audeze LCD-4 Planar Magnetic Headphones -$OLD

    These gorgeous LCDs are in original box with audeze advert paperwork, handling gloves, a generic 3.5mm cable, and a custom Amplifier Surgery XLR cable. The ONLY trades I'd consider would be for a clean pair of Utopias or Empyreans, preferably with XLR cable. Price includes fees, shipping on...
  25. TommyFro

    WTB Focal Elex pads

    Looking for a set of elex pads to use with my Elear. Let me know if you've got a set for sale! Located in VA-USA