Danacable (master of the Lazuli Nirvana) launching an Amp!!!
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Mar 10, 2020
San Francisco, CA
Dana Robbins has just launched www.clarissonaudio.com for his new audiophile amp, called Head-Space.

Dana's cables are always on http://danacables.com/, but this is new creation worth exploring!

When talking about Danacable products...I think a preface is always required. These are not your typical cables / interconnects. No, what Dana creates with every product is refined, remarkable craftsmanship that goes in parallel with handmade cars, watches, bourbons, etc... Danacable is a brand of refinement, pride and simply unrivaled excellence.

I've had the pleasure and privilege to try the variety of Dana's cables with the top tier headphones in the market. There is no other word for the Lazuli Nirvana other than breathtaking. It creates an unparalleled experience that wows not only the most distinctive audiophiles, but even lamens that first connect the cable. The difference in Danacable is that surreal and that significant. This kind of statement is bold, and my prior review hopefully expressed the sheer WOW factor a cable can bring to release and uninhibit the capability of your DAC, Amp, and of course headphones. I don't take these statements lightly, as today there is much technology and innovation, it is easy to buy something excellent. But when you encounter Danacable, I think the expectation should surpass excellence. It is art and an experience that simply amazes you every time you use anything Dana makes.

So, with that said...when Danacable shared they are now developing an Amp (bespoke nonetheless), you would expect sheer excellence, since his cables have already unleashed the musicality and beauty in your headphones. What more can be done?! Well apparently...a lot :)

The new Headspace Amp from Danacable / Danatone is another masterful craftsmanship that you would expect nothing less from Dana. It is an Amp that is incredibly powerful (enough to power speakers or headphones via an easy setting switch). It delivers the beauty, warmth, smoothness, and of course musicality of a top tier tube amp, while bringing something else that is a bit indescribable. It's a convergence of incredible detail and warmth feels like the music absorbs you. You can go as loud as you like and can handle, and it handles it with a breeze. The volume knob is sensitive and feels good (possibly some may want a rubberized grip on it for that extra fine adjustment). But it is satisfying and enjoyable with immediate gratification, the music you want and how much of it you want. It delivers!

The style is industrial, but modern. I think in the bepsoke edition, allow people to customize with carbon fiber and other materials. Dana's craftsmanship skills know no bounds, so I see limitless potential on designs! Which seeing the direction many consumer products are going...it is a huge thing. People customize their sneakers, Bose headphone colors, Xbox controller colors, and much more. In this ultra high-end space, why not open up the design to make this purchase that much extra special.

The noise floor is ZERO..beautiful silence when not in use. This is not always the case with Amps and definitely important as that hiss and noise leakage is distracting.

Check it out and of course check the Lazuli Nirvana...it will change your headphone world :)

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