Kenzie Encore, Mogwai SE, Woo Audo WA5-LE
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Mar 11, 2012
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Mar 11, 2012
Hi Everyone,
I currently have a new pair of Focal Utopias that I run out of the following signal chain:

Roon -> Nuc -> Gumby -> Mjolnir 2 (Telefunken NOS)

I like the Mjolnir 2 but while it was great for my Ether Flows and LCD-3 I feel like the Utopias would benefit from something a little better and honestly a little more tubie.

With that being said, I have read that the utopias sound great on tube amps, and I read multiple threads about how people have heard them on the Kenzie, but I have read less on if people have heard them on the Mogwai, or the WA5-LE.

I am hoping the good people on this forum can help guide me on which amp to acquire to bring the most out of my Focals. Some general statements:

1. I would like to be able to happily drive both the Focals and the Ether Flows from whatever amp I choose.
2. I am not planning on buying non-stock tubes if I go with the WA5-LE, 300Bs are to expensive for the near and mid term so I would like to make this decision on the base merits of each option.
3. I run a 15ft cable to my headphones (amp/chair positioning) if that matters, either way my plan will be to go with the Encore, or SE models of the A&S models.
4. I spoke with Justin and he suggested for my headphone mix (I own nothing over 110ohms) that a 8/32 for the outputs would probably be best. Curious if you agree.
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