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Oct 10, 2019 at 3:06 AM
Dec 8, 2009
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My job is to spend money to let everyone to be able to live in a better world.

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100+ Head-Fier

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Oct 10, 2019 at 3:06 AM
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    My job is to spend money to let everyone to be able to live in a better world.
    Fine Watches
    Firearms (WW2~Morden)
    Militaria (WW2~Morden)
    Knifes (Benchmade autos only)
    Fine Watches
    Limited edition fountain pen
    Cars (everything with wheels)
    Headphone Inventory:
    STAX SR009 (#SZ9-2416)
    SONY R10 Bass light Ver. (#365 with Toxic cable 3pin XLR balanced Sliver plated 8N Cu cable mod with Furutech carbon plugs)
    Audio Technica ATH-L3000 (#257/500)
    AKG K1000 (Brand New in box with AKG outer box)
    Airbow Japan modded Sennheiser HD800S prototype with Mitsubishi Electric (Diatone) 7N hybird inner wire & Cardas Clear headphone cable with Furutech carbon plug & connector
    STAX SR-404LE (#SSL-0504/1000) STAX Lambda 30th anniversary Limited Edition
    Forstex TH900
    ULTRASONE Edition 8 Ruthenium(6N sliver cable with Furutech Carbon Fibre plug)
    AudioTechnica ESW10JPN (6N sliver cable with Furutech Carbon Fibre plug)
    Audio Technica ESW11JPN (6N sliver cable with Furutech Carbon Fibre plug)
    AKG K701
    SONY Just-ear XJE-MH1 custom iem (Cystal Cable NEXT 2.5mm balanced)
    Westone ES3X (Jaben Network made silver cable )
    Fitear C435 (Fitear 000)
    Fitear MH334 (Toxic cable Crystal Piccolino Cable for fitear)/(Fitear 001)
    Sennheiser IE800
    Final Audio Heaven C

    Broken(can not fix)
    STAX SR001mk2
    Sony CD900ST
    AudioTechnica CK-7

    Lost in street~
    UE TF-10(null audio luna cable upgrade)

    AudioTechnica W5000
    AudioTechnica W3000ANV
    Final Audio Design MURAMASA VIII prototype (#2/5)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Luxman P700u
    Luxman P1u
    Luxman P200
    Just Audio AHA120(S) 0db gain
    Fostex HPP1
    I basso D12 Anaconda

    Yamamoto Ha02 Western Electric vintage tube
    STAX SRM-727 II (2014)

    KGSShv Custom 500V ver. (117VAC/1A Fuse)
    Source Inventory:
    Luxman D08 SACD player (2012)
    A&D DP9000 cd player (1987)
    Onkyo DAC-1000 (32/192 D/A convertor)
    Onkyo SE200PCI-LTD (24/96 Computer PCI sound card)
    Onkyo SE-U55SX (24/96 Laptop sound card)
    Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo (Ipod DAC)
    Ipod Cassic(5Gen) 80Gb
    Ipod Cassic Fate/Stay Night limited edition(6Gen) 80Gb
    Ipod Video 30Gb
    Iphone 1st Gen 8Gb
    Iphone 5S 64Gb
    NTT Docomo SONY SO-03H Z5 Premium with 64gb class10 microSD
    NTT Docomo Fujitsu F-05F smartphone with 64gb class10 microSD
    Cable Inventory:
    ZONOTONE 7N hybird usb
    ZONOTONE 7N hybird RCA
    ZONOTONE 6N hybird Speaker cable with WBT plug
    Luxman JPC-100 XLR balanced cable
    Cardas Clear headphone cable 3m with Furutech plug for HD800
    Crystal Cable Standard Diamond RCA 0.5m
    Crystal Cable Piccolo RCA 0.5m
    Crystal Cable Standard Diamond XLR 1.0m
    Crystal Cable REFERENCE 2.0m Speaker Cable
    Toxic cable Crystal Cable Piccolino Cable for fitear 1.5m
    Crystal Cable Piccolino Cable for fitear 1.5m
    Fitear 000 cable
    Fitear 001 cable
    Power-Related Components:
    Acoustic-Harmony GP1 Power cable 1m with carbon fibre inner net and Furutech carbon fibre plug X3
    Cardas Clear Power cable 1m with Furutech carbon fibre connector X1 for KGSShv amp
    Toei custom made audio grade 200-240V -> 100V step sown transformer X5(use in UK)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Luxman L-590AX class A pre/main amp (2012)
    Spendor SP3/1R2 Speaker (2012)
    Monitor Audio PL100 Speaker (2012)
    MartinLogen Summit-X Electrostatic Speaker (2014)
    Music Preferences:
    J-pop/J-Rock/ボカロ/アニソン/Blues/70s and 80s Rock
    My Mac Book Pro 15inch (2013)
    My Fujitsu NH900 18.5 inch (2010)
    My i7 Desktop computer (2009)
    My Mac Book Pro 15 inch (2008)
    I am the man who walk in the path of heaven.


    My collection: STAX SR009 & KGSShv/ SR404LE &SRM727II
    Sony R10 (BASS LIGHT) / Focal Utopia & MASS-Kobo 394 II Fullbalanced Headphone amp
    AKG K1000 (Late) & Luxman DA06 to L590AX with Monitor Audio PL100/ Luxman D08 to L590AXII to Martin Logan ESL15
    Ath-L3000. Airbow HD800 & Luxman P1u, Final Sonorous X/ Ultrasone ED8 & Luxman P200 & Sony WM1Z with Sony Justear MH1, Fitear Titan/MH334SR/C435., Canal Works CW-L77. IE800 for my wife and K701 inside the bin.
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