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[TOUR] T-PEOS H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid - Australian Tour Thread - (Impressions / Reviews)

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  1. djvkool
    Great review mate, very enjoyable...
    As soon as @billymav hears this and feels the bass, I reckon he will get down and twerks [​IMG]
  2. djvkool
    Oh hang on...wait a minute...
    In terms of bass impact, the H-300 is subtle. The bass is accurate and full, but didn't really wow me with it's impact in the way that something like the Super Darts do
    Really? even the master basshead himself @svyr bows down to H-300's raw power...[​IMG] 
  3. White Lotus
  4. d marc0

    I truly understand what you meant about something missing in the upper midrange and lower treble. I have solved this problem by minimising the peak between 7khz and 10khz. It's the main culprit that had tainted the supposedly near perfect iem for me. Too bad, guess I'll hope for best when they release the h400.

    Great review mate!
  5. Loquah
    Thanks guys. I REALLY liked how the bass was done on the H-300s, but bass monster? Nah... :)
  6. Bohdy
    Hi Loquah, I'm curious what source you used to listen to the H-300s?
    I ask because I personally found them very source dependant, such that they sound harsh and dull coming from my phone (apparently high impedance), yet much more detailed and natural (if still too thin without eq) coming from my iBasso D12. The difference is quite pronounced.
    Did you observe any such variation in your listening?
  7. xaddictionx
    I don't know if it's placebo, that I'm finding the bass does tame down after approx 30-50 hrs of usage? It's getting tighter and more controlled but doesn't rumble that much anymore. Quantity tamed down slightly too. Any users experiencing the same?
  8. Loquah
    Mostly X5 + E12DIY and some X-Sabre + E12DIY, X5, Lumina 920 and even the Bottlehead Mainline.
    I would definitely agree that different sources influence the sound, but so long as the output impedance is low enough I was hearing the source characteristics from the H-300s rather than the H-300s changing dramatically.
  9. Loquah
    Just confirming that the H-300s are now with @billymav
  10. billymav
    Yes, sorry guys, been one of those nights and day today!
    They're with me now!
  11. Loquah
    Go on, tell the truth - you were going to leave town and leave me holding the proverbial H-300 baby weren't you?? [​IMG]
  12. billymav
    LOL!  I've been waiting all day for the caravan of life...  Didn't come unfortunately! [​IMG]
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor
    There's been a slight change in the tour list: @lin0003 will be next in line after Billymav.

    Again, thanks to everyone for making this run so smoothly.
  14. spurxiii
    Sorry guys, mind if I pull out of this. My father in law got hurt with a circular saw during home renos last weekend, and I'm copping heaps at home from the mrs. Need to take him from hospital to home, home to rehab etc. I don't think I have much time to write a review in the next few weeks
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Oh no that's terrible, sorry to hear about your father, must be a terrible time for you. Of course, I'll remove you from the list.

    If you'd like to listen at the end for a few days just let me know, we'll sort something out for you spurxiii.
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