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[TOUR] T-PEOS H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid - Australian Tour Thread - (Impressions / Reviews)

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  1. White Lotus
    Dude. That's intense.
    Sorry to hear. Hope for a full and speedy recovery. 
  2. Hapster
    So does the h-300 come in 2 colors or what? I've seen grey & purple ones.
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Or what. 

    The one the only "this colour" [​IMG] I assume the others you saw were pre-production models.

  4. Hapster
    Could be lighting too, that looks grey to me.

    But this sure doesn't look grey
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor

    That's the same colour but badly edited. (not by me btw)

    I assumed you meant this one.


    ^ That was for certain a pre-production model.
  6. Hapster

    If 99% sure if it was that awful blue color I wouldn't have bought them :D
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor

    If you send me your H-300 I'll custom spray them any colour you like, for a small fee. ($20,000)

    Our customized hot pink glitter effect is well-received.

  8. Hapster
    Only if it comes with the kitty headband image.jpg
    H20Fidelity likes this.
  9. Bohdy
    Oddly enough they do look slightly purple under certain lighting. No idea why.
  10. billymav
    Apologies guys for not writing initial impressions.  Thank you @H20Fidelity for including me in this tour. :)
    I’ll skip the technicalities of the H-300 as that's already been covered sufficiently.
    Upon first listen, I must be honest and say I was left wanting more.  It felt like there was something missing, or I was waiting for something to hit me, just couldn’t put my finger on it.  I hadn’t read any prior reviews or impressions of the H-300, I haven’t really spent more than 5 minutes with a H-200, and none with the H-100, this is my first real taste of T-PEOS.
    Now that my week is finally up, I can truly understand the magic of this IEM.  From initially thinking something was missing, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I simply can’t fault the H-300.  It doesn’t smack you in the face, however the beauty lies in sum of all parts.  While using the H-300, the only thing that came into mind was the actual music, you forgot about the headphones, you forgot about hybrids, girls, taking the dog for a walk, it was simply about the music!
    How do they sound to me?
    Treble energy?  Sure, I don’t mind it…  I listen to a lot of EDM and I think the treble is just about right.  There’s some different genres where it can be perceived as a little too hot.  I’m also using foams, and don’t hear any of the peaks that have been mentioned.
    Recessed midrange?  Ever so slightly…  Problem?  For some strange reason no!  And I generally love my midrange a little forward.  Instruments and vocals are clean, with above average detail levels (yes, very similar to the DBA-02 detail levels).  Everything here is excellent in my opinion, instrument separation, soundstage, etc.
    Bass monster?  Definitely not!  Is it still really that good?  Yes!  The bass didn’t jump out at me on first listen, but I’ve grown to really enjoy its punchy, tight, clean presentation.  No rumble, no bass bleed, no decay, how could you fault it?  You couldn’t, its simply a matter of personal taste, maybe I would like a little more impact, but the H-300 tries to stay in middle ground, which is not a bad thing really.
    Ok, so I switched to silicone tips, just for a little while…  Well, there it is.  More impact!  Wow, OMG!  This pretty makes it perfect in the bass department! Albeit hearing some treble peaks now with silicone.
    I originally mentioned the sum of all parts, and with the H-300, its simply the sum of parts, the complete package that makes the H-300 special.  Sure we all can pick faults in products, is there an IEM that is simply perfect?  I don’t think such exists.  
    Would I recommend the H-300?  Yes!  Would I want to listen to it again?  Yes!  I think I will miss it as soon as I post it off.  And to think about it, my initial impressions didn’t leave me wanting more.
    What I loved:
    1. Of course the sound – Remembering it’s all about the music!
    2. The non-mic cable – Simply superb, didn’t try the mic cable, as I was drawn to this, the feel, the texture, everything about it is first class.
    3. Included accessories – Great range of accessories, top notch!
    What I didn’t like (these are really minor):
    1. General looks – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I thought they would look a little more special for their price.
    2. Size/Shape – A little big for my tastes, very much Frankenstein looks!
    3. Connectors – Feel a little cheap and if you were rough with them, you could easily do some damage
    svyr and d marc0 like this.
  11. xaddictionx
    Nice impressions! The size of it is really a little large. Looking into the mirror I can see almost half the body of the IEM hanging outside the ear.
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Thanks Billy, really happy you could take something away from them and the impressions are much appreciated. I'd usually add something cheeky to say here as a bonus prize but I'm honestly too tired atm. :wink:

    Thanks again!
  13. lin0003
    Hey Billy, I'll send you a PM with my address later today :)
  14. Jetblack08

    You definitely nailed this review the way I experienced this iem... even down to the switching to silicon tips. Most of my iems cost more than the H-300, but I swear these sound like the end game for me. I was told that the Noble4 was better than the H-300, but thats not the way that I hear it.
  15. Loquah
    Nice review, Billy. You've said much the same as me (i.e no one thing stands out) and yet you love them and I'm a bit "meh" about them. This is such a funny hobby with personal taste and all...
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