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[TOUR] T-PEOS H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid - Australian Tour Thread - (Impressions / Reviews)

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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Thanks to T-PEOS the Australian H-300 tour will be commencing some time next week.

    I know some are rather excited to hear the new comer from T-PEOS. Having been using the unit for a few days I can safely say I think it's going to be well worth your time.

    The Tour unit is being sent directly to Svyr who will start the tour off with a bang for us down here in Australia. Each member has the H-300 tour unit for one week each only (important) as I want to keep this moving smoothly as possible. I'm not going to write out a huge list of rules as most who are on the tour have participated in our Australian tours before.

    There is also a pre-sale for H-300 open to all members until the end of March 2014, the link below shows more information.


    T-Peos Website: http://www.t-peos.co.kr/


    However, things to remember are: [​IMG]

    One week each.

    The unit must be sent to the next member with tracking and signature. (express if you can)

    On receiving the unit you're to write your initial impressions  (first thoughts) then full review.

    Full reviews and photos are a requirement of this demo and must be completed within 10 days of sending the unit onwards to the next member.

    All tour reviews and impressions are to be posted here and in the reviews section of Head-fi. 

    (I will cross post them to the main thread)

    The list as it currently stands: (now in order)

    d marc0  
    White Lotus
    The end < (Currently Here)

    I have two one more slot open for any established members who may want to join.

    If you're interested in hearing the H-300 unit from T-PEOS please send me PM msg and I will consider your application, I would prefer if you at least have some head-fi sales feedback. Unless people in the current list drop out and I need to fill more slots there will only be those extra  positions available. So be quick!


    Members tour reviews can be quickly navigated too here:

    :H20Fidelity: Link 

    :Svyr: Link

    :d marc0: Link

    :djvkool: Link 

    :White Lotus: Link

    :Loquah: Link

    :Billymav: Link

    :Lin: Link

    :redrich2000: Link

  2. djvkool
    You all can't see but I am dancing for joy...why did I hear you ask?
    ...because I am THIRD in line...THIRD!!!...living in the sticks means that I will always be the last...not this time [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] - thanks to uncle H20 (and uncle svyr) [​IMG]
    I know the promo pricing still valid, does anyone know when will it ends? supposed to ends on 28/2 but apparently is still working up until now...
  3. lin0003
    I'd be honoured to be on this tour, but what exactly is a "full review"? 500 words? 1000 words, 2000 words etc? 
  4. d marc0
    Thank you @H20Fidelity for including me in this tour! [​IMG]
    I can't wait to finally hear the H300! I really really hope it's an upgrade to my H200 [​IMG] 
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I don't know when it will end, far as I know it's still open currently and for the time being.


    Full review: Pictures, build, design, fit,  isolation, sound quality etc etc, (more than 3 sentences) Just stick to your normal routine.


    You're welcome. :)
  6. lin0003
    I'd be happy to write a lengthy review, but not a full 2000-3000 word review because I really don't have time. Quite a bit of homework from school now. 
  7. djvkool
    A mini booklet [​IMG]
  8. Loquah
    Thanks for inviting me to the tour, H20. Looking forward to hearing these.
    Lotus, perhaps we can meet for a coffee and do a handover and then the same with Billy now that I'm sandwiched between you guys.
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I'm placing Lin in charge of documenting the T-PEOS Wikipedia page.

    You're welcome.

    I really tthink you guys are going to enjoy this, T-PEOS seem to of hit this one out of the park. The mid range coherency and soundstage is crazy.
  10. White Lotus
    Just saw this. Definitely count me in!
  11. nehcrow
    Confirming my position :)
  12. White Lotus
    Just saw this - sounds good to me, mate! 
    Sheesh, about time we were in the same thread, it's been months since we bumped into each other on Head-fi.
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor
    audionewbi has canceled, anyone who was after him has moved up a position. This also opened up a new slot  (1 slot now available)

    I can fill this with a few quick msgs, though for now I want to leave it open for Australian community members to have an audition.
  14. svyr
  15. spurxiii
    Thanks also for including me. It will be my first ever review. Can't wait, never heard a hybrid yet.
    H20Fidelity likes this.
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