TIDAL is coming to Astell&Kern players!

Discussion in 'Music' started by aerosphere, Jun 25, 2016.
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  1. Dionysus

  2. raypin
    Mm...in hifi mode, tidal streaming will not consume a lot of data. Even on 3G, tidal hifi streaming works. While offline listening is highly desirable, it is not a deal breaker for me since my other devices have offline listening. Perhaps, in the future, AK will replace their OS to Android or modified Android like on the Sony ZX2 or the Onkyo DPX1. It is better than nothing.
  3. aamefford
    Tidal on AK100ii
    Wow - fired up my AK100ii a few minutes ago and was greeted with a new firmware update including Tidal.  Downloaded and rebooting now.  I'm hoping my days of switching back and forth, phone to AK100ii velcroed to my Mojo, are done!
    More later.
    Edit - So far, so good!  It works, and appears to sound as it should, halfway through the first song.
    I'm not sure - am I late to the party for the update including Tidal for the AK100ii, or an early adopter?
    A few more comments here for those interested.
  4. Dionysus
    a little late, but its the latest update and an excellent addition to a killer player.
  5. linux4ever
    Did the USB Audio output feature get added in the recent firmware update for AK 100ii? I did an update and couldn't find this feature. Can anybody please confirm?
  6. CalvinW
    Yeah, it should be added with the update
  7. adiolab
    Hey guys, I experienced a weird static/noise on my AK240 when downloading (loading) a song via tidal (wifi). The noise is only there when the track loads, then goes away when track load is complete. It sounds like digital noise or static.

    I am running my sound from AK240 balanced out > ALO Rx MK3 B+ > balanced Crystal Cable Next > AK/Beyerdynamic T8ie Mkii

    However, I don't hear the noise just straight out of the AK240 - T8ie/CCN balanced.

    Seems to be wifi noise from the AMP but I was wondering if you guys experience similar when using other amp's or equipment. Could it be something else?
  8. Aerosphere
    I don't think so. My DP-X1 had the same issue, it is probably Wi-Fi noise. Any other AK240 users who can relate to this?
  9. Earbones
    Is there an offline mode yet?
  10. Aerosphere
  11. Earbones
    With regards to an offline mode... Just saw the post with the link to the FB page, and the comment from the Tidal employee...

    I know a little about that. For anyone wondering, an offline mode will definitely NOT be coming to the A&K version of Tidal. Licensing agreements take forever, and tiny ecosystems like a one-off version of the app on a specific niche product like the A&K are always left out in the cold. So offline ain't never gonna happen.

    Dammit. I was all about an AK300.

    Okay, I guess I'll go for a Sony NW-ZX2- I'm sorry, what was that? It's running an Android version first written on cave walls during the last ice age, and you don't see Tidal working with it much longer? Guess I'll look into the Onkyo DP-X1. What's that you say? They couldn't be bothered to properly solder in the headphone jack on their $700 premium headphone player? Well, scratch that too. Hmmm, how about an LH Geek Wave- huh? They're thinking of actually shipping units right around the time the sun burns out? Okay, well I guess I'll go for the... um... the... Wait, somebody makes a high-resolution player that functions well, has a somewhat current version of Android, and supports a full version of Tidal, right? Right?

    Somebody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?
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  12. aamefford
    AK and Tidal have been a game changer for me. Off line would be nice. There is that little thingy that plugs into the bottom that stores music though....
  13. CalvinW
    AK and Tidal didn't change sh*t for me. Streaming Hifi quality music while commuting burns right through my data plan.
  14. Earbones
    Yeah, Tidal is basically pointless without offline mode, unless you want to use it to audition albums that you will buy to play offline when you are... Wait for it... Mobile. You know, with your mobile device.
  15. aamefford

    Or not. I use Tidal a lot. I've used offline mode maybe 5 times in over a year. Different use case for me though. I use it at home mostly, and at lower resolution to stream to my car stereo when driving, via Bluetooth from my phone. I don't generally listen to the AK when out and about. Different needs, different strokes.
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