TIDAL is coming to Astell&Kern players!

Discussion in 'Music' started by aerosphere, Jun 25, 2016.
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  1. raypin
    Mm..no offline yet. We just have to wait and hope and wait....
  2. LouisArmstrong
    It looks like there is no offline mode on the SP1000 as well ...
  3. Womaz
    Hi guys I have had my AK300 for 6 months now and love it. TIDAL has changed my life :wink:
    However I now want a DAP that will let me have tidal offline. Are there any plans for AK to get this. When I got the 300 I got the impression it was imminent. After reading this thread it appears that it will never happen.....can anyone clarify please?
  4. sandy1010
    Hey everyone,

    Is artist radio an option on AK tidal? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Anyone heard any talk of this being added?
  5. andrewket
    Bumping an old thread.

    Anyone have any updated information on Tidal offline mode?

    I’ve got a Kann, and am currently evaluating a Fiio x7mk2 and a Onkyo X1A. I prefer the android OS and native Tidal app with offline mode, but neither of these players support AptX HD. The first company to produce a dap with dual or more SD slots, Tidal offline mode (doesn’t have to be Android, but it’s the easiest path), and AptX HD is going to get my money.
  6. AlexZK
    Shameless bump as I have the same question as the bloke above. I really feel tethered to my phone as the convenience of Tidal offline and the lack of stress on battery is invaluable.
  7. dennis611
    Any news on tidal offline?
  8. LouisArmstrong
    Any news on Moov?
  9. fishbone
    Tidal offline won't come. It has already been explained in the thread. Though, it is possible to use Tidal offline with AK devices with Bubble UPnP/DLNA app on android (not sure if it exists on iDevices !).
    1. Activates your android device to make a hotspot and connect your AK to the hotspot.
    2. Go to the Bubble UPnP app and select your AK Device in the renderer list.
    3. Open Tidal, go to the offline section, click on the album you want to listen and click on the three aligned dots on the right hand side of the screen (next to the heart of the album)
    4. Go to the "Share" option and select Bubble UPnP. It will send the offline content to the android app.
    If everything is fine, you will stream the offline tidal content directly to your AK device through the Bubble app.

    2nd version is to use Bubble app with the Audio Cast plugin from the Xposed framework (only for rooted android devices). It pushes all the audio from your phone and stream it through UPnP/DLNA.

    That's the only methods I've found yet to stream Tidal offline to AK devices.
    It clearly uses a lot just to use Tidal offline on the go... I would accept that when I am in a train with the possibility to charge my phone or AK320 but in the bus/metro, that's too much.

    If anyone finds an alternative, feel free to share this.
    I was wondering if it is possible to stream with bluetooth, if anyone knows... !
  10. emrelights1973
    There was some info on it in hiby r3 thread thread that raise my hopes up
  11. dennis611
    Darn it...Thought I have the end game dap but without offline tidal..hard to swallow
  12. LouisArmstrong
    Is Moov available on SP1000 yet?
  13. fishbone
    Indeed, just found that from Joe from Hiby Music
    "In a nutshell, Tidal released a new API for downloading Tidal tracks to offline storage. This is also the first time they are officially allowing this to happen outside of their own Android and PC clients."

    Thanks for letting us know !
  14. dennis611
    Does this mean tidal offline for AK is possible?
  15. fishbone
    Since it's available in the API, AK just has to implement the new API to make it work yes. So it will depend on AK to develop a new version with Tidal Offline it seems !
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