TIDAL is coming to Astell&Kern players!

Discussion in 'Music' started by aerosphere, Jun 25, 2016.
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  1. FidelityCastro

    Just get a DP-X1 that's wasn't part of the first batch, or the new DP-X1A that is imminent / just out (I.e. no issues with the earphone jack) and enjoy Tidal offline all day long. I have one of the first batch with the slightly loose balanced out socket and yes, it's ridiculous that they released a $700 player with that fault. However, mine is still working fine after nearly a year. I just treat it a little more gently than I would otherwise.

    And I listen to 95% of my music using Tidal offline. The balanced out sounds great with a good set of IEMs and (in my case) a nice cable upgrade.

    I was considering an AK300 as a change from the Onkyo (I'm not an Android fan), but no offline Tidal was a deal-breaker.

    Otherwise just put Tidal on your smartphone and get a Chord Mojo or ALO CDM if you can be bothered to stack (I have them but prefer to keep phone separate, hence the Onkyo).
  2. leaky74
    Offline would be nice on my AK70 but I've a 13GB data plan to use my phone as a hotspot for when I'm out of reach of wifi.
  3. evo6889
    I'm wondering not all songs support hifi format right?
  4. leaky74
    I think they're few & far between now
  5. evo6889
    I had tried Tidal on ak380. Songs are limited but satisfied its sound quality. Hope Tidal can increase more songs in the future.
  6. stenog

    The new Ibasso DX200? It's supposed to run Android 6.0. It's should be released in a few weeks. We will see :).

  7. NoAlCastor
    Using an AK300 with Tidal for a few months now and whilst enjoying it just have a few complaints.

    1. Lack of offline mode, not a deal breaker but would be a very handy addition for travelling.

    2. Sleep mode not working in Tidal is very annoying. Hopefully will be sorted in next update although AK wouldn't confirm that to me.

    3. Lack of MQA. Again not a deal breaker but would really like MQA if possible. Wonder will we see it?
  8. WayneWoondirts

    Offline Mode is limited to tidal's native app, their labels don't allow it on other apps such as AK's.

    MQA is currently only possible on Tidal's desktop app. Maybe the mobile version will see some MQA love too...
  9. NoAlCastor

    I see there a couple of DAP/Streamers that support MQA. I wonder is it theoretically possible on the AK 300 series.

    Offline mode is unlikely but is at least possible
  10. WayneWoondirts

    I see, I thought you meant MQA streaming via Tidal.
    MQA should be able with a simple fw upgrade, I've read somewhere that AK is working on it, don't exactly remember where though.

    It could be possible, if the labels would allow it to run on non tidal native apps like AK's. But I don't see that happening.
  11. Toni2
    So i cant use Tidall Offline Mode on my AK240??
    someone enlighten me pls.
  12. raypin
    Mm..no offline mode, as of now. Hoping there will be in the next update.
  13. Toni2
    thx raypin for your reply
  14. raypin
    Mm...no prob. just yellow star your albums to My Music and even with basic 3G, Tidal on AK is functional. Not ideal but it is enough for now.
  15. sakso136

    hi,a friend bought ak100 2nd gen,he s surprised that tidal does nt have offline mode,did tidal fixed that? thks
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