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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. alex5908
  2. Origen Ru
    Practically the V5-i costs the same as the MUSES02, I currently have using the MUSES02 in my Little Bear B-2 portable headphone amplifier connected to my Xduoo X3 Rock Box and a Alessandro MS2e Headphones, to originally have my Little Bear B-2 a OPAmp JRC 4556AD, its sound was lifeless, without treble, and now with the update to MUSES02 the improvement was amazing, but it still needs to have a sound even more spaced out because in songs full of infinite instruments, it overlaps specific voices, the background instruments making them almost inperceptible, but this is very rare, now I want to test the best OPAmp Hybrid in the world and compare them to decide which I will be installed in my ZiShan DSD, I am almost sure that I won Burson V5-i, I am looking for achieve a very wide sound that separates perfectly each musical instrument and voices, that their timbres are not saturated, that the soul of the music is perfectly distinguished, do not not much money but I am to investigate conscientiously about the products that are in the market and once I find what is the perfect product in quality and price, I simply save and I buy it, I live in Mexico and the reality is that there are no distributors of true Hi-Fi audio, I use the internet to buy everything.
  3. endia
    I'm afraid, v5i may not fit to zishan, there is no tolerance between two pcbs for taller opamps/adapters..

    please refer to my post here,
    leftmost adapter (at the last image) doesn't fit there, since v5i looks about the same height..
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  4. nick n
    I finally have those Audio Note caps coming, I'll likely restore the stock opamp and try with those see how it goes.
    Thanks for that info they weren't a cap that was on my radar the size is perfect also.
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  5. endia
    hope you like it,
    please post it up your thoughts about it..
  6. calico88
    can you share the photo / link of the audionote caps?
  7. endia
  8. alex5908
    Hello everybody,
    I've received Zishan DSD today. I can't find English language. Please help with it!
  9. notamethlab
    The first post has a link to a video showing the UI and how to change the language.
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  10. hakuzen
    the available space for the coupling caps is limited indeed. 8mm wide is the maximum (but there is space between the jacks to place 20mm length caps -not sure of this, measured it time ago-).
    was seeking for a larger capacitance than stock (470uF), to minimize the bass roll-off when using <16Ω phones (there are some <8Ω phones lately). there is a 8 x 20mm Nichicon KZ of 1000uF 16V with decent specifications somewhere..
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  11. alex5908
    Thanks, I got it.
  12. alex5908
    The description reads one should have EQ file in the route of the MicroSD card. Isn't it possible to use the route of the player drive for EQ settings?
  13. nick n
  14. calico88
    those are caps online store, what about SMD resistor and caps ?
  15. neog007
    EQ files go all in a single file in the MicroSD card since the player has no suitable internal memory
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