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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. alex5908
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  2. alex5908
    I tried Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD, UrbanFun with DSD but they are good for nothing. What are the best in-ear phones to use with DSD? If possible please send the links for sellers you bought them from to my PM.
  3. anmol
    Need a standalone dap with high sq on a budget Ofc, which one is the best choice.
    zishan's dsd ( stock with ak4495 seq),
    yinlumei d200 (standard which is sold in alibaba),
    walnut v3,
    should i save money for yin lv mei a1 (dk if it is worth the price compare to others)
    or is there any other better choice with ak4497 in a budget?

    YinLvMei D200 link
  4. Origen Ru
    IMG_20171103_175409.jpg IMG_20171103_174828.jpg IMG_20171109_202615.jpg IMG_20171109_202553.jpg IMG_20171109_202119.jpg IMG_20171109_202028.jpg IMG_20171109_201807.jpg IMG_20171109_201603.jpg IMG_20171109_202615.jpg IMG_20171109_202553.jpg IMG_20171109_202119.jpg IMG_20171109_202028.jpg IMG_20171109_201807.jpg IMG_20171109_201603.jpg Hello to the whole forum, I thank each of the people who advised me to buy my ZiShan DSD player, I leave photos of my player already finished, I replaced the OPAmp for the MUSES02.
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  5. endia
    bear in mind that zishan dsd needs quite long burn-in period.
    even so, how do you compare muses' sound against stock opamp?
    thanks in advance..
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  6. Origen Ru
    How many days does it take to burn-in my ZiShan DSD player? Does the treble sound too bright and metallic now, since it has been burn-in correctly the metal sound will go? my OPAmp MUSES02 it took me two days before my ZiShan DSD came to me, I used it on my Little Bear B-2 Headphone Amplifier plus my Xduoo X3 Rock Box, but even with this I was more energetic on the bass, and with the ZiShan DSD plus the MUSES02 love it the first day, the bass is so accurate, perfect in energy and does not dull the mid or high frequencies, and above all all 0% noise, in the Xduoo X3 it produced an unpleasant noise, the means and treble of the ZiShan DSD with MUSES02 are so natural, a very spaced sound that allows the timbre of each instrument or voice to be heard, from the third day onwards to sound the high-pitched loud and metallic trebles, for now I leave it sounding just waiting for the days to come. en y eb correctly and sound even more
  7. endia
    it's a never ending story (yet) :D
    i didn't count the hours but a minimum 200 hours is it's start-up..
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  8. nick n
    Managed to cram the AudioNote caps in there, any larger and it would not have fit.
    Switched back to stock opamp, and put Slow Roll Off filter on.
    So far the slight edge has receded and things are sounding excellent. Will have to run these caps in a bit more obviously but very good stuff.
    I had been neglecting this player for a long time because of the top end, but no longer.
    This is the 15v power upgrade version no extra goodies.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

    I'd also like the thank neog007 for the excellent first post, info preserved for all time :)
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  9. nadezhda 6004
    Where exactly can I find this option to change?
  10. nick n
    Instructions should be in the very first post, along with that chart that shows the various effects of the filters= you will want to have the chart handy I think.
    Basically though:

    • LONG HOLD left button to get to main list menu screen.
    • scroll down with BOTTOM BUTTON until you are at "DAC"
    • RIGHT BUTTON to enter DAC filters spot
    • RIGHT BUTTON to switch between the filters listed at the "DIGITAL FILTER" line on top
    • MIDDLE BUTTON to exit after it is selected
    • TOP BUTTON at the main list screen to go up to PLAY NOW
    • MIDDLE BUTTON to select the PLAY NOW and resume back to currently playing track
    • DONE!

    BTW luckily when reinstalling the volume dial, I had a set of orthodynamics hooked up because I forgot the volume is basically backwards when facing the topside screen...
    It pumped full volume ( with TURBO on ) into the headphones for a second before I freaked out, they were not on my head :),
    any lesser headphones would have likely suffered damage.
    Be careful out there

    ^ ****** I am still running the firmware it came with so I can only assume the above commands are correct for your unit. I have no idea what sort of changes they made.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  11. iLFuma
    This device seems very dangerous for portable use. :disappointed_relieved:
    Is there any limitation of the max volume in settings?
  12. nadezhda 6004
    Thanks so much. I forgot about the instructions in the first post.
  13. Origen Ru
    Excuse me, do you know in what format or in what size in pixels should I save the images of the music albums so that the image is seen in full size? My images are in HD and they look very small.
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  14. nick n
    It's fine for portable use. That's all I use mine for.
    One can turn off the TURBO mode if your firmware version allows this. PLUS mine is the crazy power upgrade version, so even better for you if you have the regular version since regular power versions won't be as crazy with the output level
    Turbo Mode off and regular powered version will be the same as any other DAP I would think ( obviously better though )
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  15. endia
    sorry, I have no idea about album art things..
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