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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. endia
    yes, it is a diy adapter, a standart adapter doesn't fit to zishan.. you need 8 legs of these pins,


    i stripped black plastic parts and inserted onto a bigger dip adapter, soldered the legs from long side to the adapter and then cut leftover legs from the top of the adapter..




    or you can buy one of that browndog adapter (second from right) as i have only one but needed 3-4 of them..
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2017
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  2. nick n
    Very much appreciate that post thanks.
    Luckily I have all those parts around here somewhere.
    When/if I get around to it I will post it up.
    Thanks again.
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  3. nick n
    =endia did you also try the Audionote caps with the stock opamp ( whichever one you have ) ?
    Think I am going to try to find some of those and give them a whirl, with stock opamp and with different ones.
    Thanks for posting that up.

    really want to throw in the 823 or 825, but need to whip up the shorter adapter.
  4. endia
    yes, it was lme49720, very capable an all rounder but nothing exciting for me..

    i also tried ad823 and really liked it's tonality but he can't stay there against intersil 28227..
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  5. NNewman
    Yes, sure.
  6. Ver JJ
    Alright, sorry to ask this at such a late time, since I had auditioned my Zishan family and even made a review of them, now I am a little bored and want to get a new player. Will you guys recommend me purchasing Zishan DSD asap or wait for few months in case there is a newer version of it?
  7. macky112
    I can't speak if Zishan creator is going to make a Zishan DSD upgrade/replacement, and from the looks of all Zishan family internals, continuing pumping out the screenless Zx series is probably more profitable for him:
    1. a simple one PCB solution with not that many components, selling for $40, vs
    2. a two PCB solution with LOTS of components selling for $145
    3. prob more people willing to buy/try the Z2 due to its price points too

    so... economically, i'd bet Z3 (AK4495 or Balanced drive, or both?!) comes before Zishan DSD V2 (a budget version of D200?)

    anyhoo, if you are curious, yes, there is a noticeable SQ difference between Z1 (sorry I don't have a Z2... yet) and Zishan DSD. Now is it $120 better than Z1? or better yet, is it $110 better than Z2? that depends on what you can do with that $110. headphone upgrade? getting a portable amp to solve Z2 100ohm output impedance problem so it has better synergy with more headphones/earbuds/iems?

    bottom line is, if I only have Z1, i'd be ok with it (heck, i'd even be OK with my iPhone 7 as DAP if I don't freaking keep loosing/destroying those damn Lightning to 3.5mm dongles), but since I also have a Zishan DSD and it IS better, I might as well use it, and I can use the Zishan DSD without an amp happily with all of my headphones, but since I already have a Fiio A5... why not
  8. Ver JJ
    I see, thank you for the reply, as for Zishan Z2 review (Link: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/zishan-family-z1-z2.22550/ ). Well I think I am getting Zishan DSD along with my other purchase from taobao soon since I like the signature of Z1 and Z2.
  9. Moonstar
    I have the Zishan Z2 and the Yin Lu Mei D200+ (aka Smartplayer D200+). The D200+ has 2xOPA2134P opamp's. So i did put out one of them and mounted it to the Zishan Z2 to hear any difference in sound quality versus the LM4562NA opamp.

    So my question; is it safe to use the D200+ with only one opamp, can I reduce the power consumption and has it any disadvantages :)

    Here are some pics how it looks like inside the D200+ and the Zishan Z2 :wink:




    Last edited: Aug 4, 2017
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  10. alcomb
    anyone has any impression of comparing fiio x5 iii ?against zishan dsd ak 4495seq??
  11. dmkbox
    Hi. Ak4497 version not available now?
  12. neog007
    Not sure if a new Zishan's version will be released... I agree on the simplest Z-series are much more profitable.
    My upgraded Zishan´s back after 2-3 months in China to be repaired. I was used a LG v20 instead, a mobile phone with 4 dacs built-in -very good sound-, but it was to listen the zishan again to realise how much I missed this powerful player.
    After reading the lasts posts I think it´s worth the d200+ and I´d start saving for it... another heartbreak for my tiny bank account! :hear_no_evil:
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2017
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  13. Origen Ru
    Hi, I just ordered my Zishan DSD finally, I need your advice, I look for a super detailed, wide and natural sound, my headphones are some Alessandro MS2e, which OPA recommend that I buy to incorporate it in my Zishan DSD ?,
    I was thinking about OPA Muses02, or even V5i SS but does anyone know if it fits the space of the player?
  14. newtophones07
    Ok, I'm confused with all the model numbers,. Where can I buy the

    (d200+ ak4497) version? Is there a eBay seller, as I don't have a Ali account. Thanks
  15. endia
    me too in same boat with you;
    saw usd 235 with coupons but still can't decide to pull the trigger :p
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