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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. NNewman
    Hello. I have had a fully upgraded Zishan, upgrade 5. Now I have D200+ ak4497. Zishan was really amazing for the money, but it can not compete with D200+ in any aspect, exept the number if file types it can play. D200+ has a new, faste CPU and there are no lags any more. But it cant play some .iso files that Zushan does. It has only DSD64 support. But in SQ, D200+ is absolute another class. In balaced mode it is more powerfull then Zishan DSD. In SE they are equal in power.
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  2. NNewman
    It is not posdible. Thete are no people here, who have listened to all these models. Only some of them.
    So my mind:
    Upgraded Zishan DSD is MUCH better then stock. But where to buy it with an upgrade well made..?
    D200+ with ak4497 much better then anything I have listened to in mobile except:
    AK sp1000
    Valoq opa627sm edition
    Thats al I can say.
    I was with my D200+ in Munich this year at High End show...

    And E200...
    Why they are making it...? What for?
    ALL D200 has an SE line out!!!!!!!! Not balanced. Only headphones out is balanced!!!
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
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  3. NNewman
    I have a Gold version of D200+ with AK4497. Bought from another seller on TaoBao... So I think " show will go on..." :)
  4. NNewman
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
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  5. endia
    may i ask which seller? thanks..
  6. NNewman
    This one:

    Please pay attention, that the listing shows only one last piece left.
    Please read the impressions of the buyers on the same page: "better then ak380 and MR1..."
    12 best out of 12...
    And also, somebody says, that DAC function awaited in a new software update.
    By the way, does anybody knows how to use QQ messenger in English? Need to get a software update...
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
  7. endia
    NNewman, thanks a lot, but can't afford the last one now :)
  8. hqssui
    Got my Zishan DSD with no volume pot. It came with a screen protector, but has few bubbles inside. Along with Xunsound XS01.

    Last edited: Jul 8, 2017
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  9. hqssui
    Just a quick question to the people who owns both Zishan DSD and D200+. The front buttons on D200+, are they of similar quality as Zishan DSD?
  10. NotKunvinced
    Both sound great, though I was more a fan of the Zishan.
  11. hqssui
    Thanks. My Zishan is still burning in. So have not compared them yet. The huge win for ZIshan is the bigger screen, excellent firmware and a great EQ, if you are a tweaker. I prefer the built quality of XS01, especially the buttons. The one on XS01 doesn't rattle and feels solid and of higher quality. It is also a bit more closer to the body of the DAP.
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  12. NotKunvinced
    I agree, the build of the XS-01 is rock solid. I had the Zishan with volume knob and preferred it's UI and screen, not to mention it's superior sound. Well, in my opinion anyway.
  13. nick n
    Trying out the Burr Brown 2604 opamp in there, seems to have tamed off the highs nicely so far.
    After opening it up I am left with a silicone stopper of some kind HAHA can't see where that fits to be honest unless it is in front of the led pressed against an endplate(?)

    BTW is the D200+ player on fleabay yet? Can't see anything under that number/name...\\

    I was noticing something about the result of the swap, and letting it percolate in my mind, then ran across this description of the sound of the 2604 and it does hint at what I hear.
    I know it will be less apparent than normal being in the Low Pass Filter section on the board, but it is close to what I subtly noticed.
    "OPA2604 sounded very warm, very laid back and very easy to listen to but slightly veiled in the detail department. "Chocolaty" and "syrupy" though a good easy to listen to Op amp but not my cup of tea as I prefer a greater insight into the mix. Having said that, however, this may just be what the doctor ordered for those who like a laid back, thick, chocolaty, easy going and easy to listen to sound."
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2017
  14. Origen Ru
    The player with ten-band equalizer?
  15. Origen Ru
    Which of the two players sounds more detailed and body ?, the Zishan or the D200 ?,

    Even though the D200 does not have EQ sounds better than the Zishan?
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