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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. alex5908
    I saw 16GB in the description and thought it was the internal memory. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. alex5908
    What are the best budget in-ear phones for Zishan DSD? I tried Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD, UrbanFun but they are rubbish.
  3. alex5908
    Hello everybody,
    I am trying to play with EQ presets. I have an EQ folder in the MicroSD route. I am changing the presets but don't hear the difference.
    I go to Explorer, find a preset and press the button "Play". Then I go to a song, press the top button and turn on Equalizer. What am I doing wrong?
    Could you share the presets which you liked most?
    I understand it depends on the headphones and personal preferences but still please share the presets you liked most.
  4. alex5908
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  5. Origen Ru
    How much is your budget to buy in ear earphones?
  6. Origen Ru
    These in ear earphones are the best at reasonable price, you should choose the option with silver cable, silver is the best metal conductor of the world's electricity
  7. CactusPete23
    A bold statement ! I have not heard them, but saw a headfi review saying the highs were a bit piercing... Otherwise pretty good; especially for the price.

    Those earphones are cheaper on Gearbest, sometimes near $30 on special.

    I would think you'd want better earphones better to match this DAP's quality.....
  8. alex5908
    Up to $50
  9. alex5908
    My equalizer does not work. I tried different ways, including changing filters manually and nothing changes. Is it a problem with the firmware or hardware?
  10. CactusPete23
  11. hakuzen
    the KZ ZS6 (get them in fasttech or gearbest -with special temporal coupons-, they will be cheaper) is a very good budget option IMHO, always you have the ability to EQ the highs peaks.
    and Zishan DSD can use parametric eq files with rockbox format!

    you can use Equalizer APO (windows), for example, to guess the needed parametric equalization.
    then, you create and edit your rockbox format file. add it to the eq folder in zishan, and voilá!
    this way you can build your eq library for your phones.

    example of KZ ZS6 + foam tips parametric eq file for rockbox/zishan. (foam tips tame their highs peaks at near 50%; eq do the rest..).
    at each line, first parameter is frequency, second parameter is Q (x10), and last is dB gain (x10). (for instance, 8300, 30, -28, means 8300Hz, Q=3.0, gain=-2.8dB).
    don't forget to change .txt extension at the end of the filename: rockbox eq files have .cfg extension. (sorry, couldn't attach KZ_ZS6_foamM_02.cfg / KZ_ZS6_foamM_02.txt file, dunno why..)

    # .cfg file created by rockbox e2765fb-160319 -

    eq enabled: on
    eq precut: 0
    eq low shelf filter: 40, 10, 0
    eq peak filter 1: 20, 10, 0
    eq peak filter 2: 100, 10, 0
    eq peak filter 3: 300, 10, 0
    eq peak filter 4: 1200, 10, 0
    eq peak filter 5: 3000, 10, 0
    eq peak filter 6: 8300, 30, -28
    eq peak filter 7: 13000, 20, -50
    eq peak filter 8: 14000, 10, 0
    eq high shelf filter: 16000, 10, 0
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  12. neog007

    wow this post really clarifies how to personalize the parametric Zishan's eq. It could be nice to use this information and/or a link to your post in the 1st one if you don´t mind hakuzen.

    Related to the budget iem, I´ll go for a 2nd hand one -that you can buy here at head-fi-, preferably a 3-driver one. It will have some clues at this price range, but thanks to the parametric eq you can always try to minimize them, as it was said before. I had the Lz a3, they sounded really good but it is discontinued but if you can still find them the price should be around 70eur +or-.

    Or you can go to the way of the earbuds. The zishan can handle the 600ohm ones, and they generally give a great sound. Just consult the respective forums here.
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  13. hakuzen
    of course, mate. get whatever you like, edit it your way, and add it to the first post. i guess playlists can be added by using a similar method.
  14. alex5908
    The equalizer does not work. The seller asked me to send the player back on his expense. Then he will send a new player. Is it worth doing? I mean is the equalizer so powerful to get any type of headphones sound better? Or is the equalizer a minor matter?

    The issue with the equalizer is solved. It turned out that the EQ does not work with DSD format. It only works with mp3 and flac formats. The same applies with Fiio X3-II.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  15. hakuzen
    have you read my post about how to create and add your desired eq files to zishan? eq is useful to fix nasty tonality deviations from cheap (and not so cheap sometimes) phones. but also to fine tuning good ones to get closer to you fav signatures.
    in this case, zishan, you need to use your pc, but allows you to use parametric eq, which is way more detailed and accurate than typical bars eq.
    you should check the system i described before returning back your zishan, because you might missunderstood zishan eq features, and your zishan might be ok.
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