The Official Beyerdynamic T1 Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by zombie_x, Aug 24, 2010.
  1. notfitforpublic
    It's CAD$126.79 shipped to Canada for the EDT-T1V's. No thanks. Thats absolutely absurd in my opinion. Went through the same process last year when I first replaced the pads on my T1. The general consensus I got from this thread at the time was that the EDT990VB were about as close as you can get to the original pads that are regularly available in Canada/US. If anyone knows of another source closer to home, or alternative pads that don't cost $70CDN just for shipping, I'm all ears. Neither the EDT-T1V or the T1G2 pads are available from the North American site.

    So ya... pad rolling options anyone?
  2. borrego
    The T1G2 pads are available from Amazon UK/DE:

    You may check how much the shipping cost is to Canada.
  3. vlach
    I reserve vocal (male & female) and acoustic guitar music listening sessions almost exclusively for the T1 due to its unparalleled clarity.
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  4. borrego
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  5. borrego
    Imaging is best aspect of the T1 sound reproduction, second to none actually. So any recording with good imaging will sound amazing with the T1: With classical opera recording, you can tell the performers moving across the stage when singing. With rock live concert recording, you can tell the guitarist move away/towards the mic when playing. With a TV news video on youtube, without watching you can tell announcer turns and talk to his/her colleagues on the left/right side.
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  6. notfitforpublic
  7. ElephantTLK
  8. ElephantTLK
  9. Oscar-HiFi
    From what I remember (I used to work at the Beyerdynamic UK Distributor) you can buy replacements and replace them, it requires inserting a flat head screwdriver to break the latches on the old part to release them.

    Ask your local distributor and they should be able to send you the exploded diagram, which shows you how to replace them :D
  10. ElephantTLK
    Thank you. I thought so... I was looking at slider assy today on my T1 and only option is to break old one with something flat like screwdriver.
    I guess from bottom? Or from top where headband is?

    Now i just need to find "local" distributor. I am not sure that beyerdynamic europa (Germany) is sending to my country.
    Sent them email today. Will see what will be answer...
  11. Oscar-HiFi
    I can't remeber whether you insert it from the top or the bottom. I am sure if you email and ask for the exploded diagram they will send it to you :)
  12. ElephantTLK
    Thank you again!
    I will email them and ask for the exploded diagram. But first I need to find "local" distributor for my country...
  13. redrich2000
    Can those go on the Gen1? What is "soft skin", alcantara?
  14. icebishopx
    Were you able to obtain the exploded diagram?
  15. ElephantTLK
    Yes i have it.
    Now i need to wait till january to order spare parts!
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