The Official Beyerdynamic T1 Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by zombie_x, Aug 24, 2010.
  1. hypnos1
    Quick update on the effects of UPOCC-wired cables on T1(Gen1) delivered by my own system, that is.

    After further burn-in of the interconnects and HP cable, my Feliks-Audio OTL Euforia-based setup - and T1s, of course! - are producing a sound that I still find hard to believe. Both amp and headphones could almost be different animals lol!...(taking both cables direct to the amp's internal wiring also made a very noticeable difference, albeit somewhat 'drastic' for most folks!! :wink:).

    I'm sure my upgrades in mains power conditioning, source (Naim UnitiCore), and Hudo2 DAC have contributed greatly in exploiting the full potential of this amazing wire, but the 'hype' placed upon it is most certainly not misplaced. Its only downside is price, of course! I could never afford any commercial product similar to my adapted 'XLR' version Neotech silver ICs, such as cleareraudio's silver 'Optimus' at £895 a half metre(!!), but my own (using the same hi-Q KLEI/Eichmann RCA plugs, and even more silver plus solid UPOCC copper) at about £250 are proving to be worth every single penny and ounce of effort in their making. I can't even imagine how much my 12-wire HP cable would cost in the marketplace!

    And so I hope other T1 owners might somehow be able to avail themselves of this means to having these headphones perform in a manner I myself certainly never dreamt possible. Any 'weak link' ever mentioned by anybody has now been totally, utterly, I urge you to go brush up/learn soldering skills and save yourselves a fortune!...and take the T1s to uncharted territory...CHEERS!...:L3000:
  2. Fungus
    I demoed the akt1 32ohms and the cable connectors seemed very loose to the point where the cables will fall out but just tapping on the sides a few times.
  3. redrich2000
    Checking in with serial 17950. Are all the first gen ones considered equal or was there variation?
  4. abhinit90
    My memory might not be the most accurate but there was some variation in the lower serial numbers, it stabilized after a while.
  5. wwmhf
    That is how I remembered.
  6. wwmhf
    This serial number indicates that yours is very close to mine. I had quite some difficulties to make it perform way I like. Tried mine on several amps such as a Little Dot mark IV SE, a Valhalla 2, a Yarland p100, and some solid state amps, not satisfied, always went to other phones.

    However, I recently obtained a Darkvoice 336 SE, and this amp really plays with the T1 very well for me so that I have been listening to this set up in the last several weeks.
  7. biggbenn74
    Look what came in the mail! First post in this forum due to this acquisition. Also have the LCD-2 (pictured hiding to the left) and will be swapping back and forth between them in the upcoming weeks.

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  8. abhinit90
    Congratulations, looking forward to your comparison.
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  9. biggbenn74
    Thanks! And absolutely, I'll be doing a comparison between the two for those interested.

    I've only waited 5 years to be able to have this opportunity. I guess it's like the saying goes... Good things come to those who wait.
  10. redrich2000
    Has anyone tried putting the Amiron alcantara pads on the T1?
  11. notfitforpublic
    Also curious on pad rolling with the T1. Time to replace my T1 pads and curious if anyone has found better alternatives over the EDT990VB pads from Beyer...
  12. borrego
    They won't fit. The Amiron pads have hard plastic/non-removable mounting plates.
  13. borrego
    The EDT990VB ( pads are actually for the DT990, not for the T1. The official replacement pads are the EDT-T1V (

    You can also try the T1G2 pads ( on the T1. They have fewer, but larger holes on the back sides. They give a more focused overall sound with tighter bass. Soundstage is also slightly wider due to the slightly thicker/firmer foam used.
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  14. jmk720
    Guys, which musical genre best suits the t1? I found folk and any female vocal a good match, any advice?
  15. biggbenn74
    Man... I have found that piano concertos sound more life like than any other headphones I have used.

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