The Official Beyerdynamic T1 Impressions and Discussion Thread
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Sep 3, 2008
Hi guys,
Just chiming in to start up this thread. I used search but did not find  t1 owners thread, so I decided to make my own.
So I'm really liking what I'm hearing out of debitsohn's T1 that I reterminated to balanced.  I mainly tested his with Roc and Metal and the sound was great! Easily my best Metal phone. Below are some of my initial impressions of it.
- The tonal balance is excellent and offers very lifelike timbre.
- Midrange is fluid and extremely transparent with exceptional detail.
- Treble is very extended and detailed without being harsh like other headphones can be.
- Bass is just awesome. It reminds me so much of the DT990's bass, but has slightly less impact and goes much deeper.
-The soundstage is but not HD800 massive. Kinda a little bit below the K701.
-Transients are also very good and so is the decay of notes and other sounds.
The T1 does not need massive current, it needs voltage. Anything that can swing more then 20V max should be perfectly fine for the headphone. But going by that 20V rule, mostly all amps should drive the headphone effectively. Heck my little X-CANV8P can drive this bad boy extremely well. Stuff like the M-Stage should perform just fine for this headphone. 
So even the O2, and Magni would be fine for driving this. But these would be the minimum for amp's I'd use. The O2 swings 9V, which is a bit low to me, but should be adequate for getting good volume and control. Though I only have my stuff to compare too so my minimum voltage recommendation is probably not right.
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You are still not an owner till it arrives :p cuz this could happen -


BTW I think most owners are probably posting here
And yeah, I wish it had the same soundstage as the HD800. I really liked the HD800s, though sticking to my T1s for now.
Still waiting on a balanced amp too, so that I can use them as balanced. Getting a audio-gd phoenix, lets see how T1s sound on them.
Mine mine mine

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Priyajeet, man I hope that's not your tracking!! Al least you got a pair of them!
I am anxiously awaiting mine to arrive tomorrow.
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Hey...its about appreciation thread for one of the very best headphones one can buy. Still my favourite cans since January 2010!
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What a coincidence that this thread was started yesterday, as I joined the T1 club just yesterday! SN 2058 here.
I'd previously decided that the DT880/600s would be good enough for me for a while -- I did really enjoy them -- but the chance to grab a set of T1s for a really smokin' price came up, and I couldn't resist. Initial reaction: zowie! These things are close to perfect right out of the box... they do everything that the DT880s do but better, plus they tastefully compensate for the DT880's flaws. I can't wait to see how they "mature" over the next few weeks. Two things surprised me... the quantity of bass, and the relatively relaxed treble.
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No. 1957 here.  Absolutely love my T1's with any type of music in my collection.  They have a rare ability of being both neutral and fun at the same time.  They are extremely comfortable and I'm not sure if it's mental burn in or physical, but they sound much better than they did a month ago.  When I joined head-fi last fall, I never imagined spending this much on headphones and audio.  It's been a rewarding experience to be able to own and listen to a pair of headphones this caliber after listening to generic earbuds less than a year ago

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