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Oct 23, 2019 at 7:49 PM
Jan 25, 2010
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Reviewer at Headphone.Guru, Male

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Oct 23, 2019 at 7:49 PM
  • About

    Lots of stuff, but mostly music...
    Travel, golf, scuba diving, snow skiing, architecture...
    2 channel audio, 5.1 audio
    Headphone Inventory:
    Focal Clear
    Ultrasone Edition 8
    Shure SRH1840
    Shure SRH840
    Beyerdynamic DT1350
    Philips Fidelio L1
    Bose QC15 (for traveling, of course)

    MrSpeakers Ether
    Fostex TH-900
    Hifiman HE-500
    Hifiman HE-6
    Audez'e LCD-2 Rev.2
    Sennheiser HD800 (Hardwired 8-ft. Zeus Quad22 OCC cable w/ ViaBlue 24k gold 1/4" plug)
    Beyerdynamic T1 (reterminated 4-pin balanced)
    Denon AH-D7000 (Partial Markl mod, J$ V.3 Pads)
    Sennheiser HD650 (Cardas balanced)
    AKG K340 (recabled and modded, 4-pin balanced)
    Audio Technica ATH-W5000 Raffinato
    Audez'e LCD-2 "Classic" (Silver Dragon cable)
    AKG K702 (Black Dragon cable with split entry mod)
    Beyerdynamic DT990/ 600 ohm
    AKG K550
    Grado PS500
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Apex Hi-Fi Peak with Volcano Power Supply
    (with Revelation Audio Labs Passage Cryo-Silver Reference umbilical)

    Schiit Audio Mjolnir 2
    RSA DarkStar
    Cavalli Liquid Fire
    SPL Phonitor
    Little Dot MKVI+
    DNA Sonett
    Violectric V200
    Woo WA6
    KICAS Caliente
    Source Inventory:
    Sources and Transports:
    PS Audio DirectStream and DIrectStream Jr.
    Human Audio Tabla / Muto
    Parasound Halo CD-1
    Oppo UDP-205
    AURALiC Aries
    VPI Classic 1 turntable w/ 3D Tonearm and Dynavector XX2mkII
    VPI Synchronous Drive System
    Esoteric E-03 phonostage

    iPad 3G air
    iPhone 5s
    MacBook Pro 2013
    Cable Inventory:
    WireWorld Eclipse 6, Silver Eclipse 6, and Gold Eclipse 6, AudioQuest Columbia, AudioQuest Black Mamba II, Shunyayta Zitron Cobra
    Speaker cables:
    Shunyata Zitron Cobra, Kimber 8TC
    Silnote Poseidon USB, WireWorld Starlight 5.2 USB, WireWorld Ultraviolet USB, Kimber Silver USB, Cardas Clear USB, Creative Cable Concepts Green Hornet Digital Coax Cable, AudioQuest Vodka Toslink Cable, Revelation Audio Labs BNC Cable
    Power-Related Components:
    Shunyata Triton / Typhon Power Conditioner
    Shunyata Hydra 6 Alpha Power Conditioner
    Shunyata Hydra 2 Alpha Power Conditioner
    Various Wireworld power cables
    Shunyata Power cables
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Parasound JC-2 Preamplifier
    Parasound Halo A21 Power Amplifier
    Ayre VX-5 power amp
    Legacy Audio Aeris speakers
    Harbeth Super HL5 Speakers
    KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers
    KLH Model 6 Speakers (1960s)
    Advent 1 Speakers (1970s)
    REL T7 Subwoofer
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Stands and racks:
    Woo Audio HPS-T Headphone Stands, Skylan speaker stands, Auralex Mopads, Auralex SubDude suboowfer platform, SolidSteel 3.5 rack with maple shelves
    Feet and supports:
    Stillpoints Ultras, Stillpoints Ultra Minis, Vibrapods and Cones, Track Audio Isolation Feet, BDR (Black Diamond Racing) MK3 Cones, Granite weights
    Music Preferences:
    Jazz... Cannonball Adderley, Horace Silver, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck, Arne Domnerus, Wes Montgomery, Oliver Nelson, Oscar Peterson, Stan Getz, Duke Ellington, McCoy Tyner, Hank Mobley, Jimmy Smith, Keith Jarrett, Thelonious Monk, Vince Guaraldi...
    Popular... Cowboy Junkies, David Bowie, Los Lobos, The Who, Steely Dan, Rush, Ray LaMontagne, Merle Haggard, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, The Beatles, Poi Dog Pondering, Sahara Smith, Norah Jones, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, XTC, Warren Zevon, Fleetwood Mac, The National, Kings of Leon, Porcupine Tree, Aimee Mann, Bee Gees, Dead Can Dance, Brian Eno, Crowded House, Dust, Love, Elbow, Emmylou Harris, Joanna Newsom, John Martyn, King Crimson, the list goes on....


    Noun: A weak or ineffectual person (often used as a general term of abuse).  
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