The Official Beyerdynamic T1 Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by zombie_x, Aug 24, 2010.
  1. Witcher
    How are these? Are they like the Z1Rs which are also apparently semi open, but more towards closed? is the new T5P close to it except fully closed?
  2. Me x3
    No, these are almost like fully open headphones. Very different from Z1R.
  3. Witcher
    Got it! Thanks!
  4. vafan13
    Just got these on xmas, running them through my crack w/speedball. I couldn't figure out why sometimes the treble on certain songs would spank my ears, and other times not so much. Then I happened to be running a sine wave at different frequencies and realized that there is a huge difference for me at the high-end depending on where the headphones are positioned.

    I know there are changes with any headphone, but the changes with, say, the HD650s or T50RPs I have sitting here are much more subtle, whereas the ~6K and ~10K peaks (and in between, though less noticeably) are hugely affected by back/forth and up/down adjustments, respectively. I'm assuming the greater effect is due to the angled driver (though it's also the only angled-driver HPs I've heard), combined with the much roomier cans. I now purposely have them sit a bit higher and farther forward than I did initially and the change in the treble has been both positive and noticeable.

    Have others experienced this?
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  5. chicken beer
  6. vafan13
    Are there any established/definitive damping mods for the T1 (specifically 2nd gen)?
  7. chicken beer
    No need to mid the 2nd gen it's already well tuned to my ears. Gen 1 please do.
  8. Me x3
    What's wrong with the Gen 1 from your perspective?
  9. chicken beer
    Hot treble.
  10. Me x3
    I own both a relatively late Tesla T1 (1st Generation) and a Tesla T1 (2nd Generation)
    The Tesla T1 (2nd Generation) is brighter than the Tesla T1 (1st Generation)
  11. chicken beer
    My last tried 2 gen is definitely less bright than my owned to, that's weird. Is your t1 2nd stock?
  12. Me x3
    Yes, sure.
    Both my T1.1 and T1.2 are stock.

    There's some evidence that some very early units of T1.1 (s/n below 3000) were significantly brighter than later T1.1 and also some of these very early units had problems with channel matching.
    I guess that's were the very hot treble / modding thing started.

    From my experience, late T1.1 is a tad more midcentric and relaxed sounding next to the more energetic and attention grabbing T1.2.
    T1.2 is one step closer to the u-shaped camp although both are neutralish in the big scheme of things.

    I normally enjoy both depending on the recordings and mood.
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  13. borrego
    Actually pads contribute much to sound difference between the T1.1 and T1.2.

    The one above is the T1.2 pad, the lower one is the T1.1 pad. The size/number of holes on the back side and the firmer sponge of the T1.2 pad make the difference.

    I am putting T1.2 pads on my T1.1 now and the more "focused" sound is what I prefer.
  14. Me x3
    Sure they do... Pads play an important role here.
    Similar effects can be found on newer AKG K712 relative to the classic AKG K702.
  15. chicken beer
    Check my latest comment on massdrop. I posted my results with T1 with T-X0 pads. Best pairing ever!!!! IMG_20180104_214758.jpg

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