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The NEW Headphone Lounge Thread

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  1. Watagump
    You should be able to drag and drop from the AK to the computer. Think of the AK as being an external HD, plug it in to the new laptop.
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  2. mofolepo
    I'm really considering upgrading. Money's tight now because of the holidays, so I want to be sure it's really much better before I pull the trigger. I know with Ted I will always get peace of mind on my purchase since he offers an unrivaled customer service experience.
  3. fiascogarcia
    Type 2 is much better.  Better balance through the spectrum, especially the low end.  Not as treble centric or thin sounding as type 1.  Aesthetically, also a more expensive looking cable than type 1.  IMO.
  4. Gurashieruro
    Agreed. I use the spare Type 2 Litz Silver cable I kept stored away for my Campfire Audio Vega IEMs. Even when comparing the Type 1 and 2 variants with my Jupiter, I could hear the difference. Overall, the sound from both the Copper and Silver were better in the Type 2. Besides, they aesthetically look way better.
  5. mofolepo
    Thanks guys. I went ahead and ordered one :D
  6. theintrospect
    Has anyone had the courage to cut the memory wire on any of Ted's mmcx iem cables for increased comfort ?  
  7. Saraguie

    Ask Ted he's a straight shooter so he will tell you what you need to know.
  8. theintrospect

    He told me if I do it then it will severely affect the durability of the cable. 
  9. Saraguie

    If it were me I'd listen to him.  Just bought my 3rd  cable which he shopped today.  Bon Chance.
  10. Venture Guy
    I just got a Silver Litz Type 2 to connect my Audioquest NightHawks to my Pono Player in balanced mode from Ted. I can say beyond a doubt that the Type 2 is a major step up from the Type 1. Bass response is much better. I guess there really is physics behind all this cable stuff. That and $$$ :)
  11. Pacman123
    All this talk of T2 Silver makes me want to get one.... 
    I have a T1 Silver and T2 Copper. The look and flexibility alone are much better than the T1.
    Still holding out for the 6TX Enhanced Bass Boost though.
  12. penmarker
    Money is tight and you're considering about buying cables?
    Save it for your holidays.
  13. ptolemy2k6
    I have both of his t1 and t2 silver and I prefer t2 silver as well. I just sent for few more cables. I love 5-20min replies instead of 1-5 days...
  14. bflat
    T2 cable on my TH900 MK II is perfect! Ted was able to mod some HD650 connectors to fit the MK II. Gave me a great deal on my AK gears as well. Really fast response and honest suggestions. Definitely my go to source for Astell Kern!
    Thanks Ted!
  15. jwbrent

    I've purchased five different A&K items from Ted--always took good care of me. Great guy to do business with.
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