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  1. draytonklammer
    Been with my cable from Ted for days now.
    Holy ****.
    This cable for my Abyss AB-1266 drop kicks the stock cable -- the amount of detail I was missing is ridiculous.
    I originally bought it because my Abyss cable started randomly cutting out in the right channel.
    I DO NOT believe a cable changes sound, but either I am wrong, or my stock cable was a pile of trash.
    Thanks again!
  2. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Silver T2 cable from Ted
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  3. mapotofu
    Just wanted to stop by to give some props to Ted.  I had him make me two sets of MMCX cables (1 silver litz and 1 copper litz) for my Shure IEMs. Over the past few months, I had issues with the contacts cutting out on each for completely different reasons and he's always been very gracious and super-quick to respond.  And there is definitely a difference in sound quality vs. the stock cables.  I highly recommend Headphone Lounge.  
  4. NaiveSound
    Hot a Ted Allen T2 silver litz on the way for Zeus XRA iem. Can't wait to hear. Customer service was absolutely wonderful, great guy
  5. fiascogarcia
    Great customer service, quality cable (easily comparable to my Whiplash Twag v3), excellent pricing, and unheard of (these days) ship time.  Ted is awesome.
  6. rmc

    Which one did you like more? I need a new cable for my Shure 846. Can anyone compare Ted's to Forza cable quality? Thanks.
  7. mapotofu

    TBH, I did not hear much difference in SQ but there is more volume in the silver litz. For the SE846 which is more revealing than either of my IEMs, I would go with the silver litz.
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  8. bflat
    Just got my custom Sine balanced cable from Ted. The T2 wire is really amazing. Nice extension on both low end and highs. I found the original Sine a little too laid back with stock, but balanced plus T2 wire make the highs so much better! As you can see by the pics, the Sine have a really odd connector style and location and Ted did an awesome job figuring out the build. Cable looks fantastic!
  9. songmic
    Ted's new T2 OCC Silver for HD 6XX in action!
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  10. NaiveSound
  11. epilepticx
    I wanted to let everyone know about my experience with Ted Allen. I ordered a silver IEM cable with MMCX connectors and an Oyaide rhodium right angle plug about a year ago to use with my Sony XBA-A2.
    I'm not an audiophile and I'm not too familiar with high end audio equipment, but I have really exact requirements in terms of the overall length of the cable and the length to each ear. I tried a competitor first since he had a nicer looking website, but it turned into a nightmare scenario when I stopped getting responses to my emails after I placed my order. Eventually, after a few weeks and a few ignored emails, I got the cable in the mail and the dimensions were so off that I can't imagine that the measurements I provided were even looked at. I had to involve my credit card company in order to get my money back.
    On the other hand, Ted was the complete opposite. I think the longest I had to wait for a response was maybe 2 hours. He seems to be a man of few words but he'll answer all your questions and try his best to accommodate your requests. I received my cable around 2 weeks after I placed the order and it was exactly what I asked for. He paid close attention to my instructions and honored my requests.
    The cable served me well over this past year until sound stopped coming out of one ear due to some excessive wear and tear on my part. I sent it back to Ted and he fixed it for me and will send it back without any additional charge.

    I don't even post on Head-Fi, but I decided to make an account just to tell everyone how awesome him and his products are. Thank you Ted!
  12. hemtmaker
    I have quite a few v1 silver litz cables from Ted over the years and they are all top quality and great looking. Recently I bought a T2 sliver litz and I have to say Ted has out done himself. The cable looks even better! Thanks Ted for the great cable, price, customer service and turnaround as always.

  13. SeeSax
    Very happy customer here, as well! Ted has always been super accommodating and entertains my 500 questions at a time with ease. 
    Here are a few photos of the stuff he's done for me, of which I'm super super pleased: 
    Highly, highly recommend his work. In fact I think I'm due for another order lol
  14. jwbrent

    Yes, I've ordered from Ted several times and each transaction has been great.
    Hey Ted, are you planning on stocking the new A&K KANN in blue? As long as it has TIDAL implementation, this looks like a great companion to my 240SS.
  15. jwbrent

    Thanks for the message ... I'll talk with you soon.
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