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  1. Unfie
    I got the T2 silver cable recently. You can see it next to the T1 cable. The T2 looks nicer, but that's partly due to the T1 getting old...
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  2. fiascogarcia
    Ted did a great job reterminating my Silver Litz 2 to fit the tiny, tiny mmcx connectors used on my Obravo's.

    Obravo 02.jpg
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  3. ptolemy2k6

    sent you 5 more cables to work on :D
  4. bflat
    Just got Ted's T2 Silver balanced cable for my Utopias and the pairing is perfect - great sub bass extension and very complimentary to the awesome high end capabilities of the Utopias. I auditioned the Utopias at the last SF Meet and those had the KImber Axios cables. While nice looking, I can't say the Kimber cables did much for me. I may get flamed for saying that but I would say listen first, then save yourself $1K and get the T2 cable from Ted, especially if you want a little more sub bass extension.
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  5. fiascogarcia
    I agree that they are substantially better than the original T1. Kimbers are pretty, but I'm skeptical about the added value. Also think it's interesting that a couple of threads I follow (flickenick's iem shootout for example) are really ramping up discussions about the not subtle enhancements of the new Asian cables coming out (like Effect Audio and PW). I really find it hard to believe a lot of what I'm reading about cables that are reaching $1,000+ in price. Pricing is becoming mind boggling, and I sit here totally content with my T2! Keep in mind that I'm not a naysayer about the benefit of cable upgrades, I'm just seeing the law of diminishing returns really kicking in with the outrageous pricing of some of these cables.
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  6. damobananna
    mine is in the mail woohooo
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  7. damobananna
    just like snake oiled sunglasses they will only charge what people are prepared to pay
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  8. teds headfood
    ok i sent someones repair cable out by mistake to wrong address. if you have a cable sent to me for repair and i haven't emailed you PLEASE EMAIL ME
  9. Saraguie
    Don’t let the cuddly aviatar fool you, he is a mean guy with a large gun. Don’t get him mad speak up.

    Hey Ted, what’s with the hamster?
  10. teds headfood
    dang thats one of my old face book pics lol
  11. teds headfood
    this will cut
    this will kill
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  12. burtomr
    Guy's with pet hamsters are fine. It's guy's with pet Gerbles that you have to watch out for :frowning2:
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  13. teds headfood
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  14. Unfie
    Here is a picture of three T2 silver litz cables that I have. On the left is the UM Pro 50. The middle one is a balanced cable that I use for the HD 650 when I want to hook it up to the Fiio X7 (portable option). On the right is the cable currently connected to the HD 650 and Schiit Valhalla. Not bad, right?

    Edit: the picture won't show up. Something appears to be busted. Until I figure this out, you can see the picture in this imgur album.
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  15. rufus1949
    Thanks for the great follow-up service regarding my cable. None better than you.
    Prompt and courteous.
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