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The New AEON 2: It's The End Of MrSpeakers

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 1, 2019.
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  1. Anouk Contributor
    Hi, perhaps check out the ifi audio micro idsd black label?
  2. Anouk Contributor
    I wonder if anyone has tried out the tuning pads yet and what your experiences are? How do they change the sound from stock pads?
    And can you just put them in over the stock pads?
    Greetings, Anouk,
  3. Anouk Contributor
    Hi again,
    I am now also really interested in the open version of this headphone. Maybe start a new impressions thread for that one as well once it has become widely available?
    I want to use the closed for travel and the open for my home rig.
    Pretty sure that I will be getting the closed version but I would really like to know how the open version fares against the competition because there is a lot more of that in the open headphone market around eur1000 and it is perhaps not such an obvious choice as the closed model is.
    Good head-fi times!
    Greetings, Anouk,
  4. MaxD
    I have been testing two mobile sources the last week.

    Ibasso DX220 with the Amp8EX and the Chord Poly/Mojo.

    Both pair well and sound amazing with the Aeon 2 C's.

    Good headfi times indeed.
  5. flarex3
    It isn't really portable. It drives Aeon with ease and sounds excellent but it is a little to big. That device would've been the perfect solution if it was smaller.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2019
  6. Vyyy
    Hello People, Mr Speakers,

    I am planning to buy my first Plannar Magnetics. Closed is what i can use at work at all. So this new model looks suitable.

    I am worried for a few things.

    First, i live in Europe, Lithuania, and i afraid there is no dealer around here. Could some of you show me in europe for dealer and or website so i can order them. Thank you!

    Also i plan to use with Chord Electronics.
    Has some of you guys tried them with Hugo2?

    I also use Hugo m Scaler with Hugo2 and with 75ohm BNC interconnect there is loss in power. I wonder will around 800mW power will be enough to drive Aeon 2?

    Thank you for your help!
  7. stenog


    Send them an email before you buy just to make sure that they can ship to your destination. I bought my Aeon Open from Electromod but I think I will buy from projekt-akustik next time, they are closer to me.

    My N6ii drive my Aeon Open very well and it only have 550mw at 32 ohm as far as I remember.
  8. jarnopp
    Mojo drives them quite well, on double orange, so H2 should have no issues. I am really liking the tuning with no bass port modding and no filters. From what I recall of my brief time with Hugo 2, it was a bit leaner/brighter than Mojo, so maybe a filter will be to your liking. TT2 does a fantastic job also, of course. Regarding the bass, people have referred to it as a mid bass hump, but I think it may be extension down below 20Hz that people aren’t used to hearing. It isn’t on every track, but tends to be there when there is low frequency energy, like organ (think Respighi Pines of Rome). Modern tracks with heavy low energy also, and there may be a benefit to limiting this with the electrical tape mod Dan mentioned above. Anyway, I am very much liking the tuning and this will be an excellent travel phone or for when everyone else is too noisy.
  9. Vyyy
    Thanks for reply!
    People are saying that A2C are much better than 1st closed model. But in which aspects they sound better? Thanks.
  10. jarnopp
    I didn’t have the original and only listened to them once at a meet. But A2C are detailed, fast, and yet very enjoyable. Maybe like HD-650 without any trace of veil?
  11. vespenegas
    Interesting! I've heard the AFC 1 described as a somewhat colder headphone, which is not how I would describe my HD6XX - would you say the AFC 2 is warm and forgiving like the HD650?
  12. jarnopp
    I think it’s warmer, like the HD6xx (since that is what I have, actually), but not necessarily as forgiving, as there is more detail, though not quite the level of, say, Focal Elex.
    vespenegas likes this.
  13. vespenegas
    Interesting! I'm looking for a closed back to complement my HD800S - this might be just the right coloration :) thanks for your input!
  14. jsmiller58
    That actually brings up my question... how would people compare the A2O to the MDxFocal Elex...?
  15. jarnopp
    the Elex is open and very detailed and extended. The A2C is a different presentation and tonality, but there is the sense of similar upper end detail, but more on the Elex. The A2C is warmer overall and has more bass. And f course, the choice when you need isolation. I haven’t heard Focal’s closed offerings so can’t compare to them.
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