1. mrspeakers

    Save Big on AEON RT! Only $399.99!

    Here's your chance to save on our AEON RT headphones, still designed, built and tested in San Diego, CA! Your chance to save on this iconic classic, with great sound, an all metal chassis for terrific durability, and incredible comfort! Available with your choice of 1/4" or XLR cables...
  2. mrspeakers

    Save Big on ALL Headphone Models!

    While supplies last, we're clearing out our b-stock and refurbished headphones, here's your chance to save on ALL models!
  3. jude

    Dan Clark Audio EXPANSE Review: Interview, Measurements, Impressions

    Dan Clark Audio EXPANSE Review: Interview, Measurements, Impressions As open-back headphones go, there’s nothing quite like the new Dan Clark Audio EXPANSE. While it was developed and built using the platform and technologies pioneered on the closed-back STEALTH, the EXPANSE brings entirely...
  4. S

    Left speaker in my Ether C volume keeps dropping, need help

    Hi, I have a pair of Dan Clark Ether C that I absolutely love. I saved up along time to afford them. They have been my daily driver headphones, I have been using them for 4 years now. A few months ago I noticed the volume on the left speaker started fading down and staying a touch lower then...
  5. jude

    Dan Clark Audio Stealth Review, Interview, Measurements

    Dan Clark Audio Stealth Review, Interview, Measurements NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video. Having built their business on designing and manufacturing moderately priced high-end headphones, it was only a matter of time before Dan Clark Audio...
  6. S

    ZMF Eikon vs Ether C Flow sound?

    Hello. Can someone that has had both the Ether c flow by mrspeakers and ZMF Eikon give me a sound comparison between the two? I know the Ethers C are way more comfortable and arguably better built quality, but I just want to focus on the sound please. Quick background: I have had the Ether C...
  7. Highnight

    Aeon open x + Schiit hel + modmic? Or would you recommend something else?

    I am a complete beginner when it comes to DACs and amps so I need a little help figuring out what would be the best option for me at around the $200-$250 price range. I am not opposed to the idea of having the gaming dac then in the future getting a nice stack for music/entertainment so if you...
  8. mrspeakers

    Black Friday Sale: Save 15% on Headphones (Club DCA Save 25%)

    You Deserve a Break! Music has a magical ability to calm the mind and spirit and is a great way to leave your worldly worries behind and escape to a better place, even if just for a while.I think we can all agree that 2020 has been quite a year, and if you're like us, a little break...
  9. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni ÆON Elite Pads Now Launched

    Hey Dekoni fans! Today, we’re proud to present our Elite pads for Dan Clark Audio’s ÆON portable headphones! Dan Clark and his team are wizards when it comes to squeezing high performance out of headphones since their start as Mr Speakers with modified headphones, till now with their in-house...
  10. mrspeakers

    Want a Chance to Invest in a Headphone Manufacturer?

    Hey friends! We just launched an equity crowdfunding campaign (this is an SEC regulated vehicle for ownership in the company, it's not a product style crowdfunding). If you've ever wanted to directly invest in and support a small company with products you believe in, here's your chance. There...
  11. mrspeakers

    Dan Clark Audio Is Celebrating 8 Years With A Customer Loyalty Club and Sale!

    Hello friends! On April 1, Dan Clark Audio will be 8 years old. Man, time flies! Over the years, we have had a lot of requests to put together a loyalty club to reward our best customers, and today I'm pleased to respond to these requests with Club DC Audio! Please note that if you bought a...
  12. mrspeakers

    Help us win a $50,000 FedEx grant to speed product development

    Hey friends! Fedex has a $50,000 grant for small businesses, it's vote based and you can vote 1x per day through March 8. If we procure a grant, we'll be using this to speed development of a whole new product in a whole new category to market. Shhh! Don't tell anyone. Anyhow, your votes and...
  13. mrspeakers

    Sale on demo stock for AEON v1 Headphones

    Here's your chance to save big on our AEON Open and Closed headphones. These were used for USA tradeshows in 2019 and have a laser engraving of "Demo" and a serial number on the back side of the cup. They're lightly used, no more than 100 hours each, and include new ear pads, box and cable, and...
  14. jude

    The New AEON 2: It's The End Of MrSpeakers

    If you can't see the embedded video above, please click here. The AEON 2: It's The End Of MrSpeakers - Head-Fi TV Dan Clark came to visit us at Head-Fi HQ, and while he was here we took the new Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 for a spin -- and we talked about the end of MrSpeakers. The AEON 2: It's...
  15. benshabat

    WyWires - Can I Change Connectors?

    Hi friends! I recently purchased from a Head-Fier a WyWires Red headphone cable with XLR termination and Audeze connectors. Does anyone know if it is possible to have the connectors changed to MrSpeakers connectors, and where I could do it?
  16. mrspeakers

    Special Sale on B-Stock AEON Headphones

    Hi folks! We have a limited number of NEW B-stock AEON headphones, open and closed, at 15% off. Most of the cosmetic flaws are subtle enough you probably would have a hard time finding them. Also, there's a new upgrade price for those interested in VIVO cables. Quantities are very limited...
  17. mrspeakers

    Sale on Made in USA Headphone Cases

    Our case vendor made a mistake on our last order of cases and produced them in burgundy instead of black. So here's your chance to get a really durable Made in USA headphone case at a great price of only $29.99, vs regular retail of $49.99. In fact, the material used to finish the case is such...
  18. TSAVAlan

    MrSpeakers x The Source AV Meet! January 26th Noon-6pm! The Source A/V 3035 Kashiwa St., Suite 101 Torrance, CA 90505 1-310-534-9900 January 26th 12PM-6PM @ The Source AV, MrSpeakers will be coming up from San Diego for a wonderful meet. Food and beverage will provided and additional MrSpeakers...
  19. mrspeakers

    Like-New Refurb AEON Holiday Sale

    We have limited quantities of AEON Open and Closed refurb headphones for 15% off, only $679.99. They've got clean boxes and new pads and are like-new quality, and include full warranty. Happy Holidays! Dan and the team
  20. mrspeakers

    Half off on DUM Cables

    Your chance to get our DUM cables starting at only $99.99, half off. Looking for 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 1/4" or XLR for you Alpha, AEON or ETHER headphones? Now's your chance to save... Inventory limited.
  21. MrSpeakers ETHER 2

    MrSpeakers ETHER 2

    MrSpeakers' ETHER 2 headphone is our all-new top of the line open-back planar magnetic headphone with a new driver, motor, baffle, and headband all designed to synergistically blend stunningly lifelike sound with the industry-leading comfort and reliability that are the hallmarks of MrSpeakers'...
  22. Dan Clark Audio (MrSpeakers) ETHER 2

    Dan Clark Audio (MrSpeakers) ETHER 2

    Dan Clark Audio ETHER 2 is their flagship planar magnetic headphone.
  23. MattTCG

    ETHER 2: Impressions and Discussion

    Dan Clark of MrSpeakers fame never seems to rest. He is always working harder to build on his former success and make something better. An ambition for perfection might seem a fool’s errand, but it’s often where greatness can be achieved. To be honest, when Dan told me that he was working on...
  24. MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open

    MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open

    MrSpeakers in-house designed headphone, AEON packs all the technology of ETHER Flow headphones into a compact, comfortable and cost-effective design, delivering the best of ETHER Flow sound quality at a dramatically more affordable price point. FEATURES All-new planar magnetic driver with our...
  25. Poganin

    Shout-out to MrSpeakers customer support

    I am crazy impressed with how helpful MrSpeakers customer support is. After I had to have my pair of Aeon Flows replaced, the local distributor in my country neglected to return the black tuning pads with the new pair. I wrote to MrSpeakers to ask if it would be possible to receive a pair of...