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Oct 12, 2019
Jul 8, 2008
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law student

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Headphoneus Supremus, Female

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Oct 12, 2019
  • About

    law student
    music/radio drama/movies/MUDS/books
    reading:sci-fi (isaac asimov, william gibson), thrillers (with police involvement, especially those by tess gerritsen) horror (Stephen King) fantasy (Robin Hobb).
    radiodrama (bbc and dutch), movies (with good actors and good plots, especially thriller and sci-fi), music games, especially text muds. My favourite tv series are A touch of frost and Baantjer and probbably star trek the original series (though NOT the movies). favourite cartoons: totally spies, kim possible and yingyangyo, ffavourite movies: gattaca, the matrix, minority report, I robot, v for vendetta, mystic river, silence of the lambs peter pan (2003) seven and titus.
    Headphone Inventory:
    meze 99 classic pastP sennheiser ie8 sennheiser hd800
    past: audiotechnica ad2000, modded/recabled akg k340 jvc dx1000, ultrasone pro900, ue tf10, audio-technica w5000 (will rebuy in future and have it modded) philips shp9000, Sennheiser ie8 (in loving remembrance) esw10jpn +apsv3 cable, yuin ok1 sony sa5000, ultrasone edition 9 with alo mod/recable
    grado rs1 with black dragon cable and furutech plug beyerdynamic dt880/600
    Sennheiser hd280pro, denon d5000 with markl mod, akg k81dj akg k281s (temp)grado sr325i, beyerdynamic dt990 600 ohm,akg k701, (in loving remembrance) sennheiser hd650+cardas cable (only briefly, not my thing) sennheiser hd595 sennheiser hd25-1 (portable use) shure se530 (portable use) sennheiser px100 (with mobile phone, didnt like the built quality)
    Want to try in future jvc/victor dx1000 akg k701 (once more i miss it), grado gs1000, akg k1000, audio-technica l3000/w11jpn, stax sr007mk2
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    dragonfly red past:home: corda symphony,
    past: woo audio wa2 max stepped attenuator, headroom ultra desktop (stepped alps attenuator and external dsp),
    portable: ibasso d10 (will soon be modded by samurai connections)
    past: portable: lisaIII ray samuels predator, QABLES IQUBE, ray samuels sr71a
    future ibasso d10
    want to try: phonitor, zana deux, maxed wooaudio wa5, rudistor,
    Source Inventory:
    pastibasso d10, computer+ibasso, soon separate dac
    past, integrated headroom dac, imod,ipod 5.5 80gb, ipod shuffle, iriver h340+predator
    Cable Inventory:
    past Samurai connections mini-to-rca cable, dimarzio m-path interconnects, kimber usb cable, siltech speaker cables, dayton optical cable
    past: alo cryo x silver lod cable
    Power-Related Components:
    past: headroom desktop power supply
    Other Audio Equipment:
    past headset: logitech clearchat comfort
    speakers: audio physic yara II classic,
    power amp: primare 31.2 (using wa2 as preamp)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    have owned denon d5000 with markl mod, have owned sens with cardas cable
    Music Preferences:
    currently mostly classical, (power) metal, pop, rock but have an open mind, no soul, rap funk or opera Favourite bands include roxette/gyllene tider (per gessle) beatles (john lennon) queen dragonforce blind guardian and acda en de munnik


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