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  1. mkarikom

    DCA rma turnaround

    Anyone had a warranty repair from DCA? Just wondering what their turnaround was like pre-covid vs now?
  2. Dan Clark Audio AEON Flow RT Closed

    Dan Clark Audio AEON Flow RT Closed

    ÆON Flow RT, Closed is Dan Clark Audio's retuning of our classic award-winning AEON Flow headphone, delivering more bass for a more fun and lively listening experience. ÆONFlow RT is an all-metal yet ultralight design, for optimum sound quality, incredible reliability and a comfortable...
  3. Genna

    Dan Clark Audio (MrSpeakers) Aeon Flow Closed Back + Sieveking Omega Makassar stand

    For sale in near new conditions: Dan Clark Audio (MrSpeakers) Aeon Flow CB with original cable and complete accessories (July 2018) In this sale is a Sieveking Sound Omega Makassar headphone stand included (not pictured)...
  4. generick

    WTS : Mrspeakers Aeon Flow Open with extra Aeon 2 pads

    Very versatile planar magnetic headphone, popular with the likes of tyll from innerfidelity. These have a warm and inviting sound with probably the best build and comfort in its price point. Extra aeon 2 pads included, these seem to improve dynamics and bring back a bit more upper mid/top end...
  5. S


    Bought from another headfier, then i upgraded to the vivo cable and enjoyed it much more. also got the upgrade kit and installed it to make it 1.1 (old filters still included so you can reverse the tuning to your liking) no scratches or nicks that i can observe, the pads are getting pretty...
  6. mrspeakers

    Save BIG on our retuned AEON Flow Headphones; Only $499

    As part of our Hel Yeah headphone, dac/amp, microphone bundle we retuned our classic AEON Flow headphones, giving a more "Harmon Curve" response to the open, while boosting bass on the closed. A lot of people have been asking for us to release just the headphone without the bundle, so voila...

    Wanted: Mr.Speakers /Dan Clark 3.5mm Unbalanced Dummer Cable

    What up Headfi Gang, Anyone has a decently price extra unbalanced dummer cable (with 3.5mm termination) that can be sent with the quickness? My price is +/- $60. I'll weigh offers that come my way, and go from there. The budget is tight and gotta see what's out there before hitting other...
  8. EarDrumExplode

    Selling Ether 2 with 2 cables

    Good evening all! I’m selling my Ether 2’s with 2 cables, a balanced and 3.5. I bought them in February of 2020. Your getting all documentation and accessories. I’m asking $1800 plus shipping. Im pretty firm on price cause their barely 2 months old. Attaching a couple of pics. Any questions...
  9. mrspeakers

    Dan Clark Audio, Schiit Audio, and Antlion Audio "Hel Yeah!" Bundle

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: WE ARE NOW OFFERING AEON Flow Closed as well as AEON Flow Open. This is a special edition AEON Flow Closed with about 4dB more bass output than the original AEON Flow. We know that with the current hard times lots of people are having to adjust to new work and home life...
  10. shuto77

    ***Sold, please close*** FS: Mrspeakers Aeon Flow Closed

    I just picked up a used pair of Mrspeakers (now Dan Clark Audio) Aeon Flow Closed last week, but they're not exactly what I'm looking for. As far as I know, I'm the second owner. They are in good cosmetic condition and sound great. The few cosmetic imperfections are minor, and are only...
  11. mrspeakers

    Dan Clark Audio Is Celebrating 8 Years With A Customer Loyalty Club and Sale!

    Hello friends! On April 1, Dan Clark Audio will be 8 years old. Man, time flies! Over the years, we have had a lot of requests to put together a loyalty club to reward our best customers, and today I'm pleased to respond to these requests with Club DC Audio! Please note that if you bought a...
  12. mrspeakers

    Help us win a $50,000 FedEx grant to speed product development

    Hey friends! Fedex has a $50,000 grant for small businesses, it's vote based and you can vote 1x per day through March 8. If we procure a grant, we'll be using this to speed development of a whole new product in a whole new category to market. Shhh! Don't tell anyone. Anyhow, your votes and...
  13. H

    SOLD - WTS Vivo premium cable MrSpeakers Dan Clark Audio - 6 feet and 1/4 termination

    The cable is like new, I sold off all my MrSpeakers headphones and this needs to go. Retails for $300 new plus shipping, I’m asking for $150shipped OBO. Will post pictures tomorrow (cable is at work), but I only used it once because it was too long for my desk use. Just sat in a drawer in a bag :/.
  14. Torac

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers (Dan Clark Audio) Open Alpha (Alpha Dog)

    Hi, I am selling my self-constructed open alpha as I have moved onto other headphones and these don't get used as much as they used to. The cups are printed in resin and finished in a gloss red similar to the original which cost me £97, it comes with real mrspeakers alpha pads, comfort strap...
  15. mrspeakers

    Sale on demo stock for AEON v1 Headphones

    Here's your chance to save big on our AEON Open and Closed headphones. These were used for USA tradeshows in 2019 and have a laser engraving of "Demo" and a serial number on the back side of the cup. They're lightly used, no more than 100 hours each, and include new ear pads, box and cable, and...
  16. H

    WTT Aeon Flow Closed + Cash for Aeon 2 Closed

    I have a mint and complete set of AFC that I would be willing to trade for the Aeon 2 closed. I actually have a long vivo cable terminated in 1/4 that I would include, so long as it's valued into the deal. I see there's an aeon 2 open on the market for a bit above $700, so I'm looking to do a...
  17. Amouage

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers / Drop Ether CX

    ---SOLD Hi all, Up for sale is my Ether CX, purchased from another user. They are in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures, even the earpads still look essentially new. Link to photos: https://imgur.com/a/eaPFqgy Package will include headphones themselves, stock balanced...
  18. sfviahouston

    Aeon 2 Closed - Amp/Dac recommendation?

    I have the new Aeon 2 closed being delivered next week and looking for some guidance on Dac/amp. My primary objective is getting enough power to the headphones to allow for optimal sound. I’m planning to use my iPhone/iPad as the source (Spotify/LivePhish). I can go either way between a...
  19. jbarnhardt

    SOLD: Mr. Speakers Alpha Primes - Like New, Original Owner

    Hi HeadFi-ers. I have a screaming deal for anyone looking to gift themselves (or someone else, what the heck) a great set of headphones for the holidays. Up for sale are my Mr. Speakers Alpha Primes. They are in nearly new condition - I purchased them new from Mr. Speakers and have stored them...
  20. jude

    The New AEON 2: It's The End Of MrSpeakers

    If you can't see the embedded video above, please click here. The AEON 2: It's The End Of MrSpeakers - Head-Fi TV Dan Clark came to visit us at Head-Fi HQ, and while he was here we took the new Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 for a spin -- and we talked about the end of MrSpeakers. The AEON 2: It's...